10 universities with the most students in America

The University of Central Florida, ranked 160, topped the country with nearly 60,000 students; ranked second is Texas A&M University with more than 53,000.

The data is statistics from US News and World report from the number of undergraduate students entering the fall semester of 2019 of more than 1,200 universities across the country. The results will be announced at the end of September 2020.

No School Student ID National rating
first Central Florida University 59,483 160, National University
2 Texas A&M University 53,791 66, National University
3 Florida International University 49,004 187, National University
4 Liberty University 47,025 298-389, National University
5 Ohio State University (Columbus) 46,818 53, National University
6 Maryland Global Campus University 46,162 136-176, Regional University Institute
7 Arizone State University (Tempe) 44,461 103, National University
8 Utah Valley University 41,186 95-124, Regional University Institute
9 Pensylvania State University 40,639 63, National University
ten University of Texas (Austin) 40,163 42, National University

In the United States, many universities are like miniature cities with separate police, transportation, and grid lines. The number of students in the 10 schools on the list is more than the population of the 10 state capitals in the country. All 10 schools have 40,000 students or more, an average of 46,873 each.

Central Florida University.  Photo: Shutterstock

Central Florida University. Photo: Shutterstock

Central Florida University has the most students in the US with nearly 60,000, higher than Texas A&M University, ranked second with 6,000 students. The student population of the University of Central Florida outnumbers the population of Montpelier, Vermont.

In addition, of the 10 universities, 8 schools belong to the national university group. The University of Texas at Austin, ranked 10th with more than 40,000 students, ranked 42 countries, the highest on the list.

Liberty University is the only non-public school with more than 47,000 students, ranked 298-389 of the national university group.

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