13. They Put Away Their Phones (Habits of good)

Nothing will turn someone off to you like a mid-conversation text message or even a quick glance at your phone. When you commit to a conversation, focus all of your energy on the conversation. You will find that conversations are more enjoyable and effective when you immerse yourself in them.We’re all guilty of checking email during vacation, but if we could truly unplug then our team would come back from vacation more refreshed and focused. Take time to be truly unplugged from work in order to do better work when vacation is over.

As social media becomes more and more ubiquitous, the more difficult it has become to manage our content consumption and screen time. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, one in four Americans stays online “almost constantly”. Though social media is an incredible resource, it can quickly take a toll on your health and overall wellbeing, if used in reckless abandon. So, resist the urge to stay plugged in round the clock? More employees are becoming distracted by personal screen time, and this needs to be addressed before it really impacts productivity levels. More standards and tracking need to be used to ensure that this screen time is only on breaks

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