13 ways to save money when studying in the US

Applying for scholarships, financial support, using the school's library, gym ... are ways to help students save money while studying in the US.

According to a survey by US News, the cost of university studies in the US in the academic year 2019-2020 for international students averages about 41,426 USD at private schools and 27,120 USD at public schools. To save cost of living and studying in the US, Vietnamese students can apply the following ways.

Scholarship Application

To save tuition, high school students and students wishing to study in the US should plan to apply for an annual scholarship and research on the scholarship terms of the schools here. One of the great scholarship search channels to check out is Peterson's tool. This tool provides filters to help find available scholarships by school type, ethnicity, gender, discipline, state of residence, award type ... making it easier to find scholarships.

American international students need to have a clear study plan to ensure timely completion.  Illustration.

American international students need to have a clear study plan to ensure timely completion. Illustration.

Complete the FAFSA financial aid application

Financial aid is important for most college students in the US. To receive your funding, you should complete the FAFSA application form each year and keep track of the process. Your financial situation may change from year to year, so failure to complete the FAFSA costs you benefits.

Set clear learning goals

In order not to take your time off, you should set a clear learning goal and pathway. For example, if you plan to attend a 4-year college, schedule a timeline of which classes to take with the amount of credits needed to graduate on time.

Students should also work with their academic advisor to ensure completion of all college credits and to ensure participation in all necessary classes in the program on time.

In addition to the study time, students can work part-time to pay for study abroad.

In addition to the study time, students can work part-time to pay for study abroad.

Get a free credit card

Some high schools and universities of the US offer student credit cards. You can use your credit card to receive financial aid, rewards and discounts on everyday expenses. You should register as a credit card early to spend, pay tuition, rent ... convenient. However, when using your credit card, don't spend more than you can afford to pay off at the end of the month.

Use the library

Libraries in American schools often have a full range of textbooks and free reference books for students. Some schools also have electronic libraries with online databases, videos and software to help you prepare for exams or research papers. To save money on books, you should regularly go to the library to find materials.

In addition, several libraries in the US offer free tutoring, professional and professional development programs, and academic seminars. You can refer to these programs for self-study.

Buy old books

For some books and textbooks that are not in the library or you cannot borrow in time, you can buy used books or rent them from previous students, or go to second-hand book stores. Many used book stores apply 50-90% discount on cost compared to new books.

Don't buy a printer

Student fees usually include printing costs at the school. You can use the printer public at school or pay a small amount to use the printer in the library, campus. You can also talk to your professor about submitting soft-copy assignments via email to save on printing costs.

Use the on-campus gym

Most colleges and universities in the US have gyms for students, including swimming pools, tennis courts and fitness classes, you should use this free gym to save money. Living.

Take advantage of student discounts

Groceries, appliances, clothes ... near the campus often have student discounts. The bowling alley, movie theater, entertainment area also has incentives for students. You should consult these programs to save money. Bring your student card with you and don't be afraid to ask about student discounts before making a payment.

American international students should use the library to save costs of buying materials.  Illustration.

American international students should use the library to save costs of buying materials. Illustration.

Attend free school events

American colleges and universities often organize events such as concerts, career fairs, sporting events, seminars and lectures. Many free events, snacks, and gifts for attendees. You should regularly check student calendars or flyers to find suitable free events.

Find part-time jobs at school

Working part-time while in college helps you gain experience and living expenses. If possible, look for work on campus so you don't have to move. In addition, colleges and universities often understand the learning needs of students to assign jobs in line with majors. You can also join internship programs to earn extra college credit on vacation, weekend, and extra semester school.

Live near campus

Walking to school also saves you hundreds of on-campus parking fees and gas bills. If you don't feel like walking to class, you can use the school shuttle service to save money.

Cook by myself

Shopping, cooking and bringing food to school on your own saves you time and money. In the US there are many food markets for Asians, you can buy food and cook Vietnamese food. On busy days, you should also take the time to cook a few quick dishes to stay healthy.

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