4 notes for children in international schools

Understanding curriculum, student care processes or talking with teachers, are notes for parents when their children attend international schools.

According to Mr. Tim Webb, Deputy Principal in charge of High School at BIS Hanoi International School, parents often have many concerns when they register their children to attend international schools. They tend to enroll their children at the beginning of the new school year so that they can catch up with their peers. However, teacher Tim Webb said that children can enroll at any time. Especially at international schools, new students are welcome throughout the school year and receive special support to ensure a quick and smooth integration process.

Mr. Tim Webb also shared four notes for families considering enrollment for their children.

New students need time to adapt to the learning environment.  Photo: BIS Hanoi.

New students will participate in small tutoring classes in core subjects to ensure that the process is in tune with the school environment. Photo: BIS Hanoi.

Learn carefully about the curriculum

Curriculum, teaching methods and results are what parents need to learn when choosing an international school for their child. Mr. Tim advises parents to talk directly with their teachers or principals about the curriculum as well as the benefits that children will receive while following this program. In addition, parents can request the school's admissions department to provide a detailed instructional program for their child to actively grasp the necessary information.

"At British International School BIS Hanoi, we believe that there is no limit to what students can achieve. With the school's program, they can excel in learning. technical, personal skills as well as social skills "Mr. Tim shared.

Talk to your teacher in charge

Each student is an independent individual with different needs at each stage of academic development. Therefore, when transferring children, the teachers at the new school need to understand the learning needs of students to help them integrate. When registering for admission, parents should discuss carefully with the teacher in charge of the learning needs and personality of the child.

BIS Hanoi provides personalized learning for students.  Photo: BIS Hanoi.

BIS Hanoi provides personalized learning for students. Photo: BIS Hanoi.

According to Mr. Tim Webb, BIS Hanoi provides a highly personalized learning program for each of its students. Students who apply for admission will be invited to take the entrance exam and interview one of the teachers directly. From there, the school determines the exact strengths and weaknesses as well as the desires in the learning process of students.

English supplementary learning program

In an international environment, improving English skills for children is focused on by parents. To improve English proficiency, students need to make efforts and get support from teachers in the right way. When entering school, parents need to learn about the school's English textbooks and methods.

At BIS Hanoi School, teachers support new students to improve their English skills by offering specialized English language enrichment programs and a less language-dependent learning experience. According to Mr. Tim Webb, most students are more excited to attend small specialized English classes. Small class sizes help students to be supported more deeply. In addition, the majority of new students are eager to participate in practical subjects that are less dependent on language abilities such as: Physical Education, Computer Science, Music and Fine Arts. This is an opportunity for children to catch up with the environment and improve their English skills.

The process of care and support of the school

Every change of schools is not an easy experience for both children and parents. If the child is cared for and supported, it will be easier to integrate. Therefore, parents should carefully learn about the care and support process at school and consider the appropriate level with the child's personality and habits.

When welcoming new students, BIS Hanoi will arrange a separate academic support teacher for each new student, along with regular supplementary classes. New students are supported by the teacher to integrate with the program and classmates. Each grade has a head teacher experienced in identifying and handling problems and needs of each age. In addition, each new student is assigned a classmate and a counselor to follow them in the early stages to ensure good integration.

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