7 signs the body detects that the opponent is not trustworthy

Understanding body language helps you determine if the other person is being honest.

Avoid eye contact

When communicating, the other person looking here or there during conversation cannot prove that they are lying. However, constantly looking away to the left or right corner is the most common sign that the person is trying to lie.

Do not confuse the above sign with people who have a habit of looking down or sideways. This is the view of someone trying to remember something. To see if the other person is being honest, ask different questions or try to reverse the issue.

Use the phone a lot to avoid communication

It is very annoying when someone talking to you is constantly interacting with the phone in hand. This is not just a matter of politeness, but maybe the other person is afraid to communicate and face you face to face.

This problem is made worse if the other person is a family member, friend or partner. If this happens, tactfully talk to them about your condition.

Leaning towards no friends when talking

In conversations, often couples' bodies tend to lean toward each other. However, if the other person tends to lean away from them through the movements of their limbs, head and body, they may be trying to hide something.

This technique also happens when the opponent wants to distance himself from you. They don't want to be interested in the conversation and want to go somewhere else. If you're in this situation, don't try to escalate the conversation and accept that the other person isn't worth your extra time.

Abnormal blinks

When uncomfortable in communication, the most obvious manifestation of the other party is blinking very quickly. While blinking too slowly is a sign of avoidance, trying to hide your true feelings.

Crossing arms and legs distracts attention

According to research results from the University of California, USA in 2014, 55% of human communication actions are expressed non-verbally. Body parts such as legs and arms are important parts of that particular interaction.

Crossed arms or crossed arms indicates self-defense, and crossed legs indicates discomfort, discomfort. Smaller cues like overextended arms can also make a person more charismatic, with a sense of leadership.

Using hand gestures too much

The purpose of using your hands is to help you create the focus of your words as well as make the other person focus on you and the content being said.

However, if someone uses hand gestures too much and frequently uses both hands, chances are they are lying. This is the result of a 2015 psychology study by the University of Michigan, USA. Too many hand gestures also make the speaker become flustered and less trusting in the eyes of the other person.

Suddenly raise your voice

Pay attention to the other person's voice change during the conversation. Dishonest people often switch their normal voice to a more nasal voice.

This does not mean that liars are high-pitched or high-pitched people. But if the nasal voice is more than accompanied by other body expressions, it is enough for you to judge whether to trust the other person or not.

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