8 habits to transform your face

The appearance of each person is determined by genetics, but it is undeniable that the existence of secondary factors, including daily living habits.

Here are 8 daily habits that can affect each person's face shape.

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is said to be an unscientific way of sleeping. It is common for people to stay in a supine or side-lying position while sleeping.

Sleeping on your stomach can change the shape of your face. The results of a study on 147 twins showed that those who slept on their stomachs often had a deviated nose bridge and asymmetrical corners of the mouth, and the face was more likely to form wrinkles at the corner of the mouth on one side.



Breathe through the mouth

During vigorous exercise, we may have to open our mouths to breathe. This is the body's natural response, then your breathing will return to normal. However, if mouth-breathing becomes a habit, it can make your face look longer, your jaw dropped, your nose sags, and even your teeth crooked.

Some people may have developed a habit of mouth breathing due to rhinitis and other reasons, which can change the shape of their face.

Sitting in the wrong position

If you bend over a lot, slouch, face down to look at your phone, your neck will begin to weaken, your facial muscles will lose stiffness. Looking down for a long time can also cause the chin to gradually become rounder and lose its original shape. Even you have wrinkles on the neck, thicker chin.

Chew gum or bite something

Although chewing gum can help you to some extent, such as helping us to remember better, stay calm... but regularly chew gum or bite something else. can cause your jaw to stretch and gradually change shape. This change is especially noticeable when you are always chewing on one side.

The habit of chewing on one side

Most people have a habit of chewing on only one side, but it's better to get in the habit of chewing on both sides. Chewing on one side for a long time will make the face asymmetrical. This is also not good for your jaw health.

Using a pacifier for a baby for too long

Many parents believe that using a pacifier is emotionally good for their baby. However, if you let your baby rely too much on a pacifier, over time, your baby may develop crooked teeth. In severe cases, it can also affect the way the lips close and the way the jaw develops. It is best to use it only for a short time.

Unconsciously grinding teeth

Continuous grinding of your teeth can change the structure of your face. Teeth grinding makes the jaw muscles bigger, cheeks wider, the face therefore becomes more unnatural and unbalanced.

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