8 ways to increase confidence

Confidence is almost not available in everyone but comes from the process of cultivating, striving, and constantly training in knowledge and qualities.

Boost your confidence

Sometimes we focus on what we think we can't do and let it dominate our thinking and reduce our ability to work compared to our actual capacity.

When these moments arise, turn the tide and say to yourself, "I can do it." There is no shame in trying and you will realize "nothing is impossible if you try your best".

Face your fears, take back control of your life

When fear takes over, we lose control of our lives and also lose confidence. So instead of giving in to your big fears, look them straight in the eye. That's the only way to conquer, leave them behind.

It shows that you have control over your life, no matter how difficult it may be.

Don't compare yourself with others

In a 2018 study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, scientists found that people who compare themselves to others on social media are more likely to be jealous. When they're jealous, they feel terrible about themselves.

To prevent yourself from doing that, keep reminding yourself of your successes in life and the achievements you have made. Always remember what you see on social media is not always true.


Stress and lack of confidence are characteristics of indecisive people. While these are important communication skills to earn respect, prove you know how to protect your rights.

The way you stand, the way you speak plays a big role in making your point of view heard and respected. You don't have to be shy or go easy when asking for basic rights.

Care for mind and body

There are four things the brain and body need to do: a good diet, exercise, sleep, and meditation. These are also activities that have been proven to increase confidence, assertiveness, and a positive attitude to life.

Don't be afraid to acknowledge your hard work

Some people fear bragging about their achievements will make them arrogant and complacent. But, this is wrong, because letting your boss know what you can do with good results is very beneficial for you. Not only that, you also feel good about yourself when your efforts are known to others.

However, when expressing it, appropriate language and attitude should be used.

Eye contact

If making eye contact, start with an 80/20 ratio. Focus on the other person's eyes 80% and others 20%. Eye contact boosts your confidence and makes your relationship stronger, longer.

Learn new skills

No one knows everything or does everything perfectly. Therefore, learning to develop yourself is always necessary. As knowledge keeps increasing, so does self-confidence. Filling the void in you not only helps you to satisfy yourself, but also inspires and makes others admire.

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