Building an effective way of learning when studying abroad

According to the experience shared by many international students, the most reasonable time for self-study is about 20 hours per week, the rest is for social activities, entertainment, part-time work or cultivating other knowledge. 20 hours/week sounds like a lot, but if students are not organized properly, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. If you are participating in studying in a foreign educational environment to improve your professional qualifications and hold a ticket to a brilliant future career, you should apply the following method to be able to conquer your goals: suggest:

Should study smart, not just work hard

“Industry compensates for intelligence” is an extremely familiar proverb that speaks to the importance of hard work, but is “working hard” enough? There is no shortage of international students who study diligently, but the results are not worth the effort. There are many reasons, one of which is that when studying abroad, students not only "learn" the theory in the book, but also practice and participate in activities to practice their skills. Soft skills needed for future jobs. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for an effective study method, not simply rely on hard work.

Study with a scientific method, don't expect hard work

The most effective study time is about 2 to 2 and a half hours a day, about 45 minutes to take a break once to let the brain rest. At this time, students will feel more interested and absorb much better than studying continuously for several hours. Do not rely on the youth's strength without paying attention to the study time, you should limit staying up late, if possible, study before 10pm. Besides, students should also try to "solve" the exercises of each day so that they can better invest in content, especially specialized essays. Learning doesn't just happen while sitting at the table, so arrange your time reasonably so that you can hone in on other knowledge and skills. When they study abroad, they have the opportunity to raise their professional level and future career, so make good use of the time to study effectively!

Make a detailed plan for each day

Every day, students should have a list of things to do. Prioritize learning and allocate time appropriately to be able to study as best as possible. Planning will help them know what to focus on first, without getting confused and overwhelmed by stress. At the end of the week, relax and reward yourself with a few interesting activities to relax, get ready before conquering the next goals.

Reward yourself with a short trip to motivate you to conquer new goals

Control everything

You should have a thorough preparation before self-study. Start by establishing the necessary quiet, all the books and materials you need to study or refer to should be ready on the table. Then focus absolutely, turn off all notifications on the phone (no need to turn off the phone in case of an emergency). Reality has proven, smart devices such as smartphones, tablets ... are the number 1 distraction in our lives. So, don't leave your phone on notification mode to avoid distraction, remember that an hour of focused study is more effective than 3 hours of studying while doing other things. Students should check email or smartphone notifications separately from class time.

The phone will easily distract you from studying

Take advantage of “downtime”

In everyday life, we all have “down time”, which is noticeable when waiting in line to buy things or when traveling on public transport. If students know how to take advantage, this is an effective time for further study. Students can read specialized books or preview lessons before class for better absorption. They can also bring books about the culture and history of the country they are studying in to get more basic understanding and better serve their study abroad life. For students of English and Spanish preparatory courses, they can record good dialogues, passages, and songs in these languages ​​for listening practice. Time is inherently precious, so don't let it go to waste!

Always take advantage of “dead time” to study

When in trouble, don't be afraid to seek help

Being independent is good, but this does not mean that students have to face everything alone or try to do things that are too much for themselves. They need to understand how much they are capable of to be able to build a network of relationships around them, not stay "autistic" in their own world. When you begin to notice things tend to spiral out of control, seek the right advice from family, friends, fellow international students, or school counselors. Do not be too confident to make yourself exhausted on the fierce race. The most lacking of young people is experience, so advice from experienced people will help them a lot.

When things get out of control, seek the right advice

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