Advantages of studying abroad early in high school:

  • After 9th grade, the students have almost enough basic knowledge of junior high school, so if you study abroad at high school, you have many conditions to focus on developing the professional orientation at the University College.
  • Students are advised and select a subject that suits their forte and career orientation
  • There are many opportunities to practice English skills
  • Easy to adapt to the environment and culture
  • Academic and IELTS requirements are lower than undergraduate level
  • Advantages to transfer to the University program

Compare characteristics of Public and Private High Schools in Australia and Canada:

Tiêu chí

Public High School

Private high school

Cơ sở quản lý

Tested, supervised closely about the quality of teaching and learning by the government Tested and supervised by the government, but with more investment in facilities, extracurricular activities and support for international students

Chương trình học tập

The curriculum follows a standard framework set beforehand, which reduces the learning pressure for students and the quality of teaching is stable.

Extracurricular activities are organized periodically and with the nature of collective activities

The amount of teaching and learning is always improved, ensuring students have access to a modern educational environment, fully equipped.

The framework of active and flexible training program does not follow the available pattern, giving students the freedom to pursue their favorite subjects, in accordance with future career goals.

Regular extracurricular activities, there are many advanced courses, aimed at developing personal strengths.

Học phí Canada


15.000 -16.000 Cad/ năm ( từ 262 triệu/ năm )

Bắt buộc phải chứng minh tài chính từ 70-80 triệu/ tháng



13.000 – 15.000 AUD/năm ( từ 208 triệu/ năm)






17.000 -20.000 Cad/ năm ( từ 297 triệu/ năm)









17.000- 30.000 AUD/ năm (từ 270 triệu/năm)

Bang Nam Úc, Queenland và lãnh địa vùng thủ đô Canberra ĐANG ĐƯỢC MIỄN CHỨNG MINH TÀI CHÍNH


Môi trường học tập

Public schools are open to indigenous people. Therefore, most of them are native students, the proportion of international students is lower than that of private schools, so it is suitable for students to be independent, easy to integrate and bravely.

Usually when applying to a public school under the state department of education, the student will be given several options for enrollment and be placed in the school, sometimes not decided because the school may be full of seats

Private schools also often have many different types, such as schools only for boys or girls, schools for both boys and girls, Catholic schools ...

High percentage of international students.

Students will be able to interact with a large number of friends from different countries, without having to experience culture shock or difficulties in integration. Teachers also have more experience in caring and supporting international students. This is an opportunity for you to practice the thinking of a global citizen.

Sỉ số lớp

The number of classes is relatively large from 20-30 friends

(Interaction between students and teachers is somewhat limited, which is detrimental if students have problems to answer or do not keep up with classmates.)

The number of students in class is small 10-15 friends

(make sure teachers can follow the learning situation and help students when needed.)


Bộ phận xét hồ sơ

Is operated by a state or territory of the Government

Admissions are administered by the government's education department in the specific state or territory where the school is located. The school does not enroll directly but through an enrollment representative

Processing time: 1-2 months

Not owned or operated by a state or Government

Private schools directly enroll students, so the admissions representative office will contact the school about all enrollment and enrollment related issues.

Processing time: less than 1 month

Điều kiện học tập

Điểm học tập 3 năm gần nhất   phải từ 7.5


(Thường có yêu cầu IELTS từ 5.5)

Điểm học tập 3 năm gần nhất phải từ 6.5


High school programs in 3 Australian states are exempt from FINANCIAL PROOF

Queenland, Nam Úc và lãnh địa vùng thủ đô Canberra

Bang Trung học
Lớp 8 – 10
Trung học PT
Lớp 11 – 12
TOP 10 Trường tốt nhất bang
Queensland 13.364A$/năm 15.112A$/năm 1.     Brisbane grammar school


2.     Brisbane girls grammar school

3.     St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ school

4.     Brisbane State High School

5.     Ormiston College

6.     Sommerset College

7.     St Peter’s Lutheran College

8.     Somerville House

9.     Anglican Church Grammar School

10.   All Hallows’ school

Nam Úc



1.     Wilderness School


2.     St Peter’s College

3.     Meridian School

4.     Glenunga International High School

5.     Pembroke School

6.     St Peter’s Colliate Girls’ School

7.     Walford Anglican School For Girls

8.     Allendale East Area School

9.     Prince Alfred College

10.   St Ignatius College

Canberra 13.600A$/năm


1.     Canberra Grammar school


2.     Radford College

3.     Canberra Girls’ Grammar

4.     Telopea Park School

5.     Burgmann Anglican

6.     Lyneham High School

7.     Brindabella Christian College

8.     Alfred Deakin High School

9.     Trinity Christian School

10.   Marist College Canberra

The public school system in Canada has more than 90% of graduates transferring to university

SK Saskatoon Saskatoon Public Schools ​$11,500
SK Saskatoon Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools $12,500
MB Winnipeg Louis Riel School Division $11,000
MB Winnipeg Pembina Trails School Division $11,000
MB Morden Western School Division $11,000
MB Warman Prairie Spirit School District NA
MB Winnipeg St. James-Assiniboia School Division $11,000
MB Winnipeg River East Transcona School Division $11,000



AB Edmonton Edmonton Public Schools $12,000
AB Calgary Calgary Board of Education $11,500
AB Edso Grand Yellowhead Public School Division $9,500
AB Camrose Battle River School Division #31 $10,400
AB Edmonton Edmonton Catholic Schools $11,000
AB Vulcan Palliser Regional Schools $12,150
AB Grande Prairie Grande Prairie Public School District $11,000
AB Calgary Calgary Catholic School District $12,000
AB Strathmore Golden Hills School Division No. 75 $11,000
AB Lethbridge Lethbridge School District No. 51 $11,000



ON Kingston Limestone District School Board $12,800
ON Guelph Upper Grand District School Board $13,000
ON Toronto Toronto District School Board $14,500
ON Aurora York Region District School Board ​$13,750
ON Waterloo Waterloo Catholic District School Broad $13,900
ON Ottawa Ottawa-Carleton District School Board $13,000
ON Mississauga Peel District School Board $14,000
ON Windsor Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board $11,920
ON Toronto Toronto Catholic District School Board $13,500
ON Burlington Halton Catholic District School Board $13,500
ON Burlington Halton District School Board $13,500
ON York York Catholic District School Board $13,750
ON Windsor Greater Essex County District School Board $12,000
ON Hamilton Hamilton- Wentworth District School Board $13,300
ON Midhurst Simcoe County District School $12,500
ON Napanee Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board $12,500
ON St. Catharines District School Board of Niagara $13,000
ON Belleville Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board $12,000
ON London London District Catholic School $13,800
ON Ottawa Etudiants Internationaux du Conseil de I’ Est de I’Ontario $13,200
ON London Thames Valley District School Board $13,500



BC Vancouver Vancouver School Board $14,000
BC Vancouver West Vancouver School District $15,400
BC Surrey Surrey School District $13,500
BC Burnaby Burnaby School District $14,000
BC Victoria Victoria Int’l High School $14,000
BC Coquitlam Coquitlam School District $15,000
BC Victoria Sooke School District $12,500
BC New Westminster New Westminster School District 40 $14,000
BC Chilliwack Chilliwack School District $10,450
BC Duncan Cowichan Valley School District 79 $13,000
BC Parksville Qualicum School District NA
BC Richmond School District No.38 (Richmond) $15,200
BC Squamish School District 48 (Sea to Sky) $12,000
BC Abbostford School District No.34 (Abbostford) $13,450
BC  Vancouver North Vancouver School District $14,000
BC Saanich Saanich School District $12,750
BC Delta Delta School District $13,000
BC Nanaimo School District 68 (Nanaimo-Ladysmith) $12,000
BC Vernon School District #22 (Vernon) $12,600
BC Langley Langley School District $13,500
BC Campbell River Campbell River Schools $12,500
BC Kamloops School District No. 73 (Kamloops/Thompson) NA
BC Nelson Kootenay Lake School District $13,000
BC Kelowna School District No.23 (Central Okanagan) $13,000
BC Mission Mission Public Schools $12,000
BC Maple Ridge Maple Ridge-Ritt Meadows School District#42 $23,900 (All in)
BC Courtenay Comox Valley School District #71 $12,750
BC Fort St John School District # 60/Peace River North $12,900