Discover 4 motivational tips to help you learn the best TOEFL

You are in the process of conquering TOEFL, sometimes you feel frustrated and want to give up? So, here are 5 ways to get inspired and motivated to help you study TOEFL.

Studying TOEFL is a process that requires you to persevere and have an extremely high determination. However, sometimes we still feel "tired" and want to surrender. At these times, you must know ways to motivate yourself so that your efforts in the past time are not in vain and worthless.

Tip1. Remember your purpose when studying TOEFL
When you feel discouraged and want to give up, think about your initial plans when you study TOEFL. If you pass the TOEFL exam with the desired score, you will have the opportunity to study abroad at your favorite university or apply for a company with a high income.

What score do you want to achieve on the upcoming TOEFL test? (Source: Timviecnhanh)

Tip2. View the diary recording the learning process
During TOEFL preparation, you should spend 15 minutes at the end of the day or weekend to record the progress you see. This may seem simple but it will bring great effect. As you find yourself progressing better day by day, you will feel more encouraged and encouraged. From there, you will be passionate and determined to conquer TOEFL.

Keep a diary to keep track of your progress. (Source: Google Play)

Tip 3. Ask someone to check and motivate you
With this third way, you have the support from others. Find a close relative (friend, sibling, parent, lover ...), a friend who can be trusted and always ready to support you.

Please suspect your relatives encourage you. (Source: Huffington Post)

Tip 4. Allow yourself to rest
Sometimes you get tired of learning English not because of the immense knowledge but because you have studied continuously without relaxing and resting. Every 1-2 hours of practice, allow your brain to "rest" for 15-20 minutes. Thus, the study will be effective and you will absorb it faster, and you will not feel bored when studying TOEFL.

You should learn to combine with relaxing. (Source: Entrepreneau)

Hopefully the above methods will help readers get inspired and motivate when conquering TOEFL. I wish you the desired TOEFL score.

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