Don't have excellent results, have you got into New Zealand's top university?

Choosing a suitable pre-university route, many high school students have the opportunity to set foot in a top international school, even though they do not possess outstanding academic achievements.

To this day, Vu Minh Anh (an international student in New Zealand) is still happy to know that he has been transferred to the University of Auckland (New Zealand), majoring in Nursing next year. Minh Anh is not the only case that can pursue her dream major at quality universities thanks to her thorough preparation right from high school.

Contrary to the belief that only a few students with outstanding achievements are admitted to top schools, in fact, besides the cases that qualify for direct consideration, many New Zealand universities still create conditions for both students who are still in high school but have completed a pathway to college readiness. Thanks to choosing the right route, many students have won places to go to famous universities, even received scholarships to reduce part of the cost of studying abroad.

Pre-university - the door to New Zealand's top schools

Owning 8 public universities and all of them in the group of 3% of the best universities in the world (according to QS World University Rankings ), New Zealand has an advanced education and is an ideal study abroad destination for many generations of students. international.

In fact, many Vietnamese students choose a preparatory program, then transfer to university to pursue their dream major. This plan helps you firmly grasp your ability to enter a top university.

Thanks to choosing the right route, Minh Anh has successfully transitioned into her dream major at the University of Auckland.
Study in New Zealand bro 1

Thanks to choosing the right route, Minh Anh has successfully transitioned into her dream major at the University of Auckland.

With a preparatory route lasting 4-12 months, students can start studying in Vietnam through Up Education, Study Group, NCUK, Massey College organizations to prepare for studying abroad.

Accordingly, students will study the necessary compulsory and elective subjects, which are cross-cutting with bachelor's degrees in many majors at the university such as business, medicine, natural sciences, communication, and computer science. calculate...

Vu Minh Anh shared that because the nursing major was quite difficult and specific, she chose the pre-university route to prepare early. The program has equipped the necessary skills, and at the same time gives learners the opportunity to interact with subjects related to their major, so that students can orient their studies early.

"Teachers at the school also understand the psychology of international students and explain enthusiastically and carefully. After the preparatory course, I plan to transfer to the University of Auckland to study a bachelor's degree," Minh Anh said.

In addition to opening up opportunities for students to have early exposure to specialized knowledge at university level, the pre-university program also prepares necessary foundational skills such as information retrieval, presentation skills, critical thinking, and culture. native… so that students can easily adapt to the international learning environment.

Shorten the university route right from high school

From the end of grade 10 (according to the Cambridge IGCSE program), students can study the pre-university program of the NCUK organization for 9 months. If studying at other institutions such as Up Education, Study Group, Massey College, students can start the program from the end of grade 11.

Phan Minh Hoang (an international student from New Zealand) has a pre-university scholarship and started the program right from grade 11 in Vietnam. After completing the program, Hoang used this result to apply for a scholarship to the University of Canterbury (New Zealand). Currently, Hoang is a final year student of Bachelor of Commerce at this school.

Phan Minh Hoang shortened the course of study by 1.5 years by studying a pre-university program from the 11th grade.
Study in New Zealand, brother 2

Phan Minh Hoang shortened the course of study by 1.5 years by studying a pre-university program from the 11th grade.

Sharing about the learning process, Hoang said: “When I was in 11th grade, I found out that this program can shorten my university studies. I studied preparatory studies at Massey University for 6 months, then I was accepted to study at the University of Canterury, when I was 17 years old. Compared with the long distance, I can graduate about 1.5 years before my peers. In addition, thanks to the economic knowledge learned from Massey, my freshman year went quite smoothly."

Students with good academic performance also have the opportunity to receive valuable scholarships, from NZD 2,000 to NZD 10,000 (VND 160 million). This is a significant support, helping young people reduce their study costs when they start entering the international school environment in New Zealand. You can learn about scholarship information now to take appropriate steps to prepare for the next academic year.

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