Drinking coffee before nap is good for health

Experts say that drinking a cup of coffee before napping helps you get back to your afternoon work faster without feeling sluggish or sleepy.

Many studies have shown the benefits of napping in improving memory, increasing work performance and the ability to balance systems in the body.

But how to nap effectively? A new study by a team of scientists from the US Space Agency (NASA) and the US military has attracted attention when asserting, a nap with caffeine, that is, drinking a cup of coffee (containing about 110 mg or 0.11 ml of caffeine) followed by a 20 to 30 minute nap is an effective way to help you have an effective afternoon nap.



Although this may sound counter-scientific, according to experts, it takes about 15 minutes for liquid to reach the small intestine and be absorbed into the body. So right after drinking coffee is the ideal time to fall asleep, then wake up refreshed, when the caffeine kicks in.

Napping with caffeine has been shown to reduce sleep inertia, eliminating feelings of grogginess, disorientation and sleepiness immediately upon awakening, especially in night shift workers.

Neuroscientists also believe that caffeine naps can combat fatigue, sleepiness, and feelings of lethargy.

Taking this perspective to the next level, Laura Brooks, CEO and founder of Napjitsu, USA, has marketed a capsule called a "nap pill" that is packed with ingredients. caffeine and nootropics, a combination of valerian, lavender and calming agents, taken just before napping.

Olivia Arezzolo, an Australian sleep expert, also suggests solutions for an effective nap such as arranging a comfortable sleeping place, wearing an eye mask and remembering to wake up before 3:30 pm. Many other experts suggest that you should close your eyes, turn on soft music or find the quietest space to get the best sleep.

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