Experience in choosing the right university for you

Choosing a university or college to attend is a decision that brings a lot of pressure for students and their families. Many of you fall into the situation, standing in the middle of a fork in the road, wondering which direction is best for you?

Choosing a university or college to continue the path of learning after finishing high school is the desire of most students. However, choosing which major to study, which university, college is right for you is not easy. In this article, we hope to provide some simple but effective school experience to help you choose the right school for you.

1. Choose according to your interests and passions

It's time, you need to put aside your childhood dreams, but be serious about what kind of career you really like, what your dream of future work is, and what environment would you like to work in? and above all your strengths. You should also be mindful and considerate of suggestions from relatives and friends around but only consider it as a reference, the choice is up to you. The love determines 80% of your ability to succeed at the job. Choosing a school is also choosing the future job that you will stick with, make it a motivation to conquer the exam well.

2. Select a field before choosing a school

Many students complain that when they do not learn the right profession, leave school or study ineffectively, there are consequences due to lack of knowledge about choosing training programs. Many of you because of the "list" of top schools that accept majors contrary to their interests. According to the training programs of many schools today, there are dozens of different fields of study. It is recommended that you choose a major that you like and then list out the schools that offer this subject in the order that suits you best.

3. Select a field that selects the school according to your ability

Besides determining career interests, you should consider your academic power when choosing a field or a school. People often say, "Know who you know is a hundred and hundred wins," so it is important that you know your true ability to learn, if you consider yourself not "super" type, do not take the exam " top ”as Foreign Trade Flight Diplomacy or Faculty of Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry of pedagogical universities, ...

4. You should find out about the academic program in advance

It can be said that many students still do not pay attention to the so-called "what to study" in the university, as long as they are satisfied with the school. Mistake it, you have to know what you will learn to serve the field of study and work later. That information includes how many subjects, what subjects they are, how long the training time, practice ... etc. Each school will have slightly different ways of training, so knowing in advance will be learned. What is the way to refer to when choosing a school to attend.

5. See the future labor market

This is equally important, because most of us learn to look for work, find out, in the next 3.4 years, when we graduate, which career is the trend.

Read carefully the hiring requirements of companies, you probably realize that not all companies need a high degree, what they need is your true ability, is your expression in that role, so but as I said, don't see college as the only destination. Above all, if you are truly passionate and do your job well, be confident that you will attract employers yourself.

6. Tuition fees

What is very interesting in the process of choosing a school is tuition. Under the current regulations, tuition is calculated according to the prescribed credits, each school will have different regulations on tuition, depending on the school, industry and the school's credit policy. You should consult the average tuition fee through the Finance - Accounting department of the school. Most tuition fees are published on the school's website, you can find out more.

Universities spread across the country with an abundance of disciplines convenient for students to choose from. However, a question arises when the major universities are concentrated in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. So should "pack" into the city or choose the school "close to home" for more convenience. So, is there any benefit to being away from home? You should set a goal to choose a prestigious school that meets the quality of teaching, studying away from home also helps you become more independent and mature. Although student life is difficult but also very interesting, try to be a student away from home once!

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