Full scholarship opportunities from the University of Houston

Students submit academic records, interview with Etest representatives on 10-11 October to have the opportunity to receive scholarships 154,800 USD (4 years) from the University of Houston.

During the 2020 admissions season, the University of Houston offers full scholarships worth $ 154,800 over four years to international students.

Accompanying 12th grade students during the application period for American University in 2021, Etest English Language Study held "American Scholarship Day" on 10-11/10. Students have the opportunity to apply for and apply for a full scholarship to the University of Houston while participating in the festival.

Documents include international English certificate of IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL from 100, SAT certificate from 1400, scanned transcript of the last 3 years. The timing is as follows:

Round 1 (September 28 to October 5): apply for admission to Etest Vietnam's portal via email: scholarship@etest.edu.vn .

Round 2 (October 10-11): face-to-face interview with Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hoang Lam - Director of Etest, who is a 20-year expert in the field of study abroad. See more here .

The University of Houston is a highly ranked public university in the United States, with many international students studying.  Photo: University of Houston Fanpage.

The University of Houston is a highly ranked public university in the US, with many international students studying. Photo: University of Houston Fanpage .

The University of Houston has a long history of ranking 176th in the Best National University rankings in 2021 voted by the US News & World Report Magazine (USA), in the top 50 top research universities in the United States according to The Center for Measuring University Performance in 2017.

The university's majors in Architecture, Law, Arts, STEM, Ophthalmology and Pharmacy are highly regarded. The University of Houston, located in Housto (Texas), is the fourth largest city in the United States and is one of the cities with the most Vietnamese community living, suitable for those who want to stay close to their loved ones. family.


Etest Study Abroad advises many students to be admitted and receive college scholarships of the US.

The opportunity to "touch your hand" to the "American dream"

The American education system has long been known for its quality of education and the motto of liberal education, which goes hand in hand with the practice of helping students maximize their own capabilities. With the world's leading economy, employment opportunities and high income levels, the "American dream" is increasingly popular with international students.

However, the somewhat expensive tuition fees and living expenses in the US are one of the reasons that parents and students consider when choosing. The scholarships at public universities, private universities will help parents and students solve that problem.

A public university is a school that is established and funded by the US and federal governments. More and more investments in facilities, research centers, practices and talent are being made.

Representatives of Etest said, more than 40 of the top 100 majors in the US have demonstrated the quality of training in this segment. With the "easy" tuition fee, the competition for limited scholarships is becoming more severe in the international student community.

Etest representative shared, Etest English study is one of the leading units in the number of successful students and scholarship hunters to top 100 public universities nationwide. In 2020, Etest will continue to maintain the results of 100% of students who passed university admission when receiving admission applications from high-ranked schools such as Vanderbilt University (ranked 14th), UCLA (ranked 20th), UC Berkeley (22nd), University of Michigan - Ann Arbo (24th), University of Florida (30th), Georgia Institute of Technology (35th) by Best National University 2021 by US Magazine News & World Report (USA) votes.


Mai Phuoc Minh Quan was admitted to UCLA (20th place) and UC Berkeley (22 NU) in US News & World Report's 2021 Best National University Ranking.

Etest also advises and accompanies generations of students through the "Essay writing strategy and application submission strategy (AMP)" course. This is one of the pioneering programs that Etest commits to the quality of training and output for students with the guidance of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field of study abroad and teachers graduated from universities. such as MIT, Caltech, NUS, University of Chicago ...

Ho Ngoc The Binh was admitted to University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (24th), (30th), Georgia Institute of Technology (35th) in US News & World Report's Best National University.

Ho Ngoc The Binh was admitted to University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (24th), (30th), Georgia Institute of Technology (35th) in US News & World's Best National University in 2021. Report.

When participating in the AMP course, students will be taught and guided one-on-one throughout the scholarship hunt path and equipped with university study methods in the US.

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