Get to know how to apply for a student visa to Ireland easily

Ireland is a country located in Northern Europe, bordering Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom. As with other countries, when you study in Ireland you also need a student visa or Irish student visa to enter and stay long. Once you've received an admission form from the University of Ireland, you need to immediately process the student visa immediately because the time it takes to process and process the Irish visa is often quite time consuming.

Find out about the Irish student visa process to get the information you need for your upcoming visa process.

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1. Things to know before applying for a student visa to Ireland

- Visa policy changes regularly

The Irish visa policy is usually changed each year. Before deciding to apply for an Irish student visa, you need to know the latest information about the procedures and procedures for applying for an Irish visa. The latest information will be regularly updated on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, or the Irish Consulate website in Vietnam.

- Simple process

The process of applying for a student visa for Ireland is also considered to be quite simple, does not require many related procedures. However, in order to increase your chances of getting a visa, increase the security of your own application for Irish student visa, carefully prepare the required documents and related documents, which will be helpful to record. Points in the course of the application are reviewed.

- Make a re-entry visa when leaving Ireland

Unlike other countries, a student visa will be valid for the duration of your study abroad. However, the Irish visa is valid only once when you enter Ireland, so if you need to leave Ireland to visit home, travel to another country ... then you will have to apply Re-entry visa.

The procedure for applying for a re-entry visa should ensure that you have a good reason to leave Ireland shortly and will return to your studies. If you do not return to Vietnam but move to another country, individuals need to ensure that they have a visa to enter the country about to move to.

To apply for a re-entry visa, you need to contact the Immigration Department for advice on related procedures.

2. What are required to apply for an Irish student visa?

Knowing the following factors will help you to apply for an Irish student visa easily and successfully.

- Passport

Your passport is valid for at least 6 months to qualify for a student visa. Make sure your passport is longer than your study period in Ireland, to avoid the risk of expiring your passport while still in your home country.

- Admission paper

This is the first deciding factor for you to apply for an Irish student visa. Enrollment form will be sent from the school you submitted the application form a few weeks ago. In addition, the admission letter should ensure that the following information is provided so that you can submit an application for an Irish student visa:

The letter of admission clearly states the specific time of study, admission to a specific major, ensures that it has been officially registered in the school's curriculum, how long the learning period lasts, and how little 15 hours of class time per week.

Confirmation of payment of tuition for at least 1 semester at school.

If health insurance is provided by the school, it should be updated in the letter.

- Ability to study in Ireland

This is also a factor you need to prove in the application process for Irish admission. Applicants should ensure that they have sufficient qualifications, competencies and certificates, and achievements to ensure they are eligible to complete the course.

- English level

The main language of Ireland is also English, so you do not need to learn the original Irish language when studying abroad. Therefore, the IELTS / TOEFL certificate on the standard score is that you can study in Ireland.

If you don't have IELTS or TOEFL, you can get internationally recognized language proficiency certificates like Cambridge or ETAPP.

Score requirements for certificates:

Minimum IELTS of 5.0.
Minimum TOEFL of 173.
Cambridge minimum intermediate level or ETAPP minimum B2 level.

For students who are not confident with their English level, they can also join the short-term preparatory English program (within 6 months). This course also needs to be accompanied by documents such as admission papers, so that the Irish visa issuer can ensure you will join this language program before studying the main program.

- Personal health insurance

In order to enter Ireland, applicants need a medical certificate to ensure they do not have contagious diseases, as well as health insurance for themselves. The school's acceptance letter will also include details of the student's insurance policy.

- Tuition

If the program is worth less than 6,000 EUR, you need to pay before applying for an Irish student visa. For programs smaller than 6,000 EUR, students need to pay at least 6,000 EUR.

When applying for a visa, there is a need for proof (invoice) of the amount of tuition paid, accompanied by a confirmation of the school's admission.

- Guardian

If you have relatives living in Ireland or EU countries, and are financial support or accommodation, it is also necessary to specifically report in the lake for visa.

- For the form of self-study abroad

Except for the form of studying abroad with full scholarships, other self-pay study abroad programs must prove the financial capacity enclosed in the visa application.

Accordingly, international students need to prove the following:

Have at least EUR 7,000 in your account to spend your money when you first arrive in Ireland.
Students are still allowed to work part-time while studying abroad, but their part-time income is not included in their financial records.
Above are some things you can refer to when making an application for an Irish student visa. Wishing you a successful application and receive a successful visa.

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