How To Apply For A Student Visa - What You Need To Know Before You Fly

According to a study by the World Cooperation and Development Organization, Finnish education ranks number 1 in the world according to the knowledge standard. This makes Finland a promising land that attracts millions of international students from every year. From there, the need to learn how to apply for a Finnish student visa is therefore increasing. But among a lot of information shared online, what is the best way to apply for a student visa in Finland right and fast?

1. What makes Finland the most developed country in the world?

Before going to learn about the procedure, how to apply for a Finnish student visa properly, have you ever asked yourself why you chose Finland as a place to study and experience. If you are still unsure about this decision, read the reasons why Finland becomes the country with the most developed education in the world and you should choose to study in this beautiful country.

In Finland, a country where there is no homework, students are still voluntarily studying, there are no examinations, but students are still reaching the course goal. And equality can be the motivation to help them learn so well. Equality is evident in all aspects of education. Equality in schools, equality between students, equality between parents, equality between subjects, etc. The promotion of equality, the acceptance of students about knowledge, Lectures are the same in all grades and schools. They are not under any pressure that comes from injustice, social class division, ... Therefore, the efforts and efforts of each person are recognized.

Free tuition
The Finnish government attaches great importance to investment in education, so students are not only exempted from school fees, but also have lunches, shuttles, extra-curricular events, textbooks, and financial resources. Learning materials, ... are free

The curriculum is individualized
Although education is equal, the curriculum is designed for each student so that they can acquire the best knowledge according to their ability. So they have the opportunity to improve their performance just by following the lesson designed.

No examinations
Examination is not highly recommended in this country because education here is built on faith and voluntariness. The teachers here think that instead of taking exams, students can completely improve their own abilities or forte.

2. Procedures for applying for a Finnish student visa

With such a great developed education, everyone must dream of once coming to Finland and experiencing this advanced education. If you're ready to go to study abroad but don't know how to apply for a student visa in Finland, then what do you need to do to get it easily?

Prepare good documents and records
When you receive an offer of admission from a Finnish college or university, you will need to quickly complete the following documents (or can prepare them in advance if you are confident that you are offered an admission) to timely admission.

- Declaration: a full description of yourself, the reason for the visa, financial conditions, ... you need to prepare all the information to avoid missing cases, the application will be returned.
- Original letter of admission (Letter of Acceptance)
- The original certificate of international travel insurance
- Papers on financial support facilities: is the certificate of your account balance, assets, real estate (of parents with household registration)
- Letter of consent from both parents or guardian (s): note that you need to be signed by a parent or guardian and notarized and stamped by the local police.
- Letter of Recommendation: If you are an exchange student, you need a letter of recommendation from your school in the country.
- Copy of passport
- Appendix OLEL_PK: stuck with passport-shaped photo and signed by the applicant. (both photos and signatures must conform to the instructions in the appendix)
- Note: passport photos require a minimum size of 36mm x 47mm, do not accept images that do not meet the requirements.
- Some originals to be presented for comparison: passport: must be valid for at least one (01) year from the date of arrival in Finland, certifying the previous courses, etc.
- Residence permit for students: for students outside the EU bloc to study Finland all need this document.

Location of application
Apply in person at the Embassy of Finland in Vietnam or online using the form provided by the Department of Immigration and Police of Finland. For online applications, you will receive specific instructions on the form.

Interview for a Visa
The interview time will be scheduled in advance. It is important that you prepare yourself well for the interview, the embassy staff will evaluate you through the following requirements:

- Demonstrating your ability through academic results and foreign language competence
- Having clear plans and goals, high determination.
- Honest in the answers.

In the fastest way to apply for a student visa in Finland, you only need the basic documents and a simple process like that, you can apply for a student visa here easily and can spread experience the most advanced education in the world.

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