IB and SACE Certificate Advantage Assessor

According to Dr. Hoa Pham, each program has its own approach, students carefully consider choosing a program that suits their needs and development orientation.

At the recent "Talk with Scotch AGS" webinar, education experts from international baccalaureate programs provided parents and students with a multi-dimensional perspective on the two academic programs SACE and IB. . The program is organized by Scotch AGS Monolingual School, speakers include Professor Martin Westwell, Executive Director of the South Australian Secondary Education Certificate System (SACE International); Mr. Faizol Musa, IB Program Development and Accreditation Manager Southeast Asia; Dr. Hoa Pham, Scotch AGS School Project Development Manager.

Scotch AGS Monolingual International School, Vietnam, is expected to enroll students in July. Photo: Scotch AGS Monolingual International School, Vietnam.

Highlights in the training program

According to Mr. Faizol Musacho, the IBDP International Baccalaureate Program was established in 1968, for students aged 16-19 or the last two years of high school. The training philosophy is to encourage students around the globe to become active lifelong learners who are compassionate and respectful of differences.

IBDP's teaching model includes 6 subject groups with 3 core elements including Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity - Activity - Community Service (CAS) and In-depth Essay (EE). . Students can choose to study in the 240-hour advanced program or the 150-hour standard program.

Courses require students to think and critically, do independent research, and undertake a project related to community service.

Especially for CAS, the goal of this certificate is to engage students in local community projects and find creative solutions to social problems that students need to experience in order to understand the values ​​of their communities. deeply valued in life and community.

Tests that measure student achievement are often designed with an extensive method of testing whether students can apply theoretical concepts in new situations.

About the SACE program, Professor Martin Westwell shared that this is a baccalaureate program that provides training in the last two years of high school in grades 11 and 12.

"Like all academic programs, SACE meets a rigorous assessment framework. But I think one of the things that sets this program apart is the flexibility to meet the standards set." Professor Martin Westwell said.

Specifically, for the SACE high school graduation certificate, 30% of a student's overall score comes from the test and some other form of assessment, 70% is summed up from the school history.

"However, we have had to put in place a really rigorous quality assurance process to support the assessment. That means that the parts of the student's test regardless of whether it's from Australia, from Vietnam, or from anywhere else in the world will still be assessed according to the same standardized process," said the CEO of the South Australian state secondary education certification system.

The process framework and evaluation criteria are very clear. For example, a test with an A grade will be checked against other exams with the same grade range A or B or C, to ensure that the test is scored correctly.

Student at Scotch College Adelaide, Australia. Photo: Scotch College Adelaide, Australia.

Advantages of owning an International Baccalaureate Diploma

Mr. Faizol Musa informed that as of August 2021, there are more than 7,500 IB programs globally. IB offers the program to students aged 3 to 19 years old and the program is present in over 5,500 schools in 159 different countries.

Higher education institutions around the world enroll students based on IBDP, and universities have specific policies and guidelines for students as each school has different admissions policies and criteria.

"In addition, the success of students in the IBDP Baccalaureate often leads to many scholarships, recognized credits in university programs. Besides that, there are many other benefits related to admission at the university. many universities in the world," emphasized Mr. Faizol Musa.

Regarding SACE, Professor Martin Westwell explains, it is a good preparation for any route to university. The certificate is recognized by the SACE Council, an education agency under the South Australian Government.

Outside of Australia, graduates of this program are admitted to prestigious universities in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and advanced countries around the world.

That's because the program includes a variety of subjects, in order to equip students with knowledge, skills, and maximize their personal abilities so that after completing and graduating, students can grow up. success and success in future career orientation.

In addition, SACE also has high applicability and flexibility in teaching combined with practical experience, helping to maximize the creative thinking of the young generation.

Also at the webinar "Talk with Scotch AGS", Dr. Hoa Pham said that the basic difference of international baccalaureate programs like IBDP and SACE is not to see which program is better or better. On the contrary, each program will have different approaches, so when choosing, parents and students need to consider carefully to choose a program that suits their needs and development orientation." .

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