Many American universities do not require SAT scores in the application

Some universities in the US such as Stanford, Pennsylvania, Boston do not require students to submit ACT and SAT scores in their admission application.

Recently, many of America's top universities have waived the SAT/ACT score requirement temporarily for one year, two years, or even permanently. The sole purpose of this activity is to help international students reduce the burden of needing standardized test scores to study in the US. As a result, the number of students interested in studying in the US increased significantly.

Many people believe that the need to score 2 on these exams will take away the opportunity to receive scholarships from high-achieving international students. Especially, after the Covid-19 pandemic broke out around the world, international students were unable to take the SAT or ACT or training centers had to close due to the epidemic.

In addition, universities have also found that test scores are only a limited part of a student's profile, not representing a student's full academic potential. Despite some controversy, schools that don't require SAT/ACT scores claim the new policy helps schools have a more diverse student population by attracting low-income and minority students. could not do the test.

List of some universities in the US that have dropped the SAT/ACT requirement
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Not required, scores can be submitted if you have already taken the test
2 Stanford University Not required, candidates with test scores are also not prioritized
3 University of Rochester Optional, can be submitted if you have already taken the exam
4 University of Pennsylvania Optional
5 Princeton University Optional, can be submitted if you have already taken the exam
6 University of California Los Angeles Not considered until 2024 (both admission and scholarship)
7 Boston University Optional for school year 2022, 2023
8 Cornell University Not considered for school year 2022, 2023, 2024
9 University of Arizona Optional, SAT/ACT scores support student placement and orientation
10 California Institute of Technology Deferred review for 2 years
11 University of Wisconsin - Madison Not considering 2025
12 Virginia Tech Optional, can be submitted if you have already taken the exam
13 American University Permanently optional
14 Andrews University Permanently optional
15 Birmingham-Southern College Permanently optional

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), is one of the standardized tests for admission to American universities. ACT (American College Testing) is also a standardized test used to assess the academic ability of high school students. The purpose of the SAT/ACT is to measure the IQ and language ability of students entering college from high school.

Admission to a university in the US will cover all abilities of students from academic ability, passion in the field of study, communication ability, community, leadership, organization, aptitude in science school, art, sports... In which SAT or ACT scores are the factors to assess students' learning ability.

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