Online seminar with Swinburne University, Australia

r excellent students of Bachelor and Master degrees, worth between AUD8,600 - 112,800 per Bachelor course and from AUD 6,856 - 56,220 per Master course;

- 30% tuition scholarship: for Master program in STEM group, worth up to 24,880 AUD;

- Scholarship 2,500 - 5,000 AUD: for the University Foundation program and the College Program Unilink. Students transferring to university after completing their studies will continue to be considered for scholarships of up to 75% - if eligible;

- ELICOS scholarship worth 3,600 AUD (10 weeks tuition): for students wishing to study English at Swinburne before entering the main course.

10 reasons students choose to study at Swinburne University

- High ranking in the world rankings:

+ Top 3% of top universities in the world ( QS World University Rankings 2021 );

+ Top 201-300 worldwide ( Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020 );

+ Ranked 45th in the top 50 prestigious Young universities in the world under 50 years old ( QS Top 50 under 50 2021 );

+ Ranked 1st in Victoria for the Quality of Teaching ( 2017 QILT Survey on Student Learning Experience );

+ Many majors are highly appreciated, such as: Engineering & Technology - Top 200 in the world ( THE 2020 ), Computer Science - Top 300 in the world ( THE 2020 ), Art and Design - ranked 43th. Gender ( QS Rankings by Subject 2021 ).

- The course is designed to be flexible, practical, recognized by professional professional organizations in Australia - helping students to advance in their careers;

- Scholarships are diverse and not limited to 75% of the tuition;

- Opportunities to experience professional internships, business tours, conduct joint projects with enterprises under the program Work-Integrated Learning;

Swinburne graduates have a higher salary than the average salary of about 3,000 AUD a year;

- Located in Hawthorn - near the center of Melbourne - the most livable city in the world for many consecutive years, Swinburne has a train station on campus, convenient for commuting;

- Destination of the winners of the Road to Mount Olympia;

- Modern facilities provide a comfortable learning and working environment for students such as: Advanced Design and Production Center worth $ 100 million, Center for Advanced Technology worth $ 140 million Australia owns a Smart Structure Laboratory to study structural engineering ...

Students are allowed to work overtime 40 hours in two weeks while studying and working full-time during holidays and holidays;

- The opportunity to work in Australia for about 2-4 years after graduation and settle when eligible.

Education program

Education level

- English

- Pre University

- Lien Thong University (Unilink)

- Bachelor

- Master, doctor


Swinburne University has three faculties and affiliated schools:

- Faculty of Business and Law: A School of Business that introduces real industry projects into the curriculum, inviting industry partners to co-design and teach subjects in addition to standard industry cooperation:

+ Global Digital Marketing course of Master Marketing program designed and taught by Facebook Australia;

+ The Business Analytics and Visualization course of the Master of Digital Business Management program designed and co-taught by Tableau;

+ Supply Chain Management course in Master of Supply Chain Innovation was designed and co-taught by GS1 Australia.

+ At Swinburne Law School, students are required to do 3 internships in the Bachelor of Laws program - to experiment and apply theoretical knowledge into practice, with a small class size of 1 lecturer: 12 students .

- Faculty of Health, Art and Design:

+ More than 95 - 90 - 87% is the percentage of students of the Bachelor of Industrial Design - Interior Architecture - Design program who find a job within four months after graduation;

+ Graduates of Communication / Design at Swinburne have the highest income in Melbourne, with starting salary from 50,000 AUD;

+ Master of Architecture and Urban Design program is a Master program that is coordinated to teach both specific areas of Architecture and Urban Design.

- Faculty of Science, Technology and Technology

+ Led and developed by Professor Hung Nguyen - Vice Rector of Swinburne University; and is also one of the most successful Vietnamese professors in Australia, making many positive contributions to Australian education.

+ Ranked # 1 in Victoria for the satisfaction of graduates of Bachelor and Master Programs in Engineering & IT ( - 2018/2019 )

+ Students are learning to combine practical and experimental Capstone projects at business partners or modern lab systems such as Factory of the Future: the first laboratory of industrial 4.0 in the world. invested by Siemes up to 135 million USD to completely digitize the factory of the future; Swinburne Cisco Networking Academy, with the design of 6 modern laboratories and 700 Cisco equipment under Cisco Academy with an investment budget of 1.1 million Australian dollars; The Supercomputer is a $ 4 million Supercomputer system that can perform 10,000 calculations for every one of the 100 billion stars in the galaxy.

Besides, there are Electric Vehicle Lab: Swinburne electric vehicle laboratory; Digital Building Lab is a laboratory system 3D printed on concrete; Smart structures lab: $ 15 million Smart Structures Lab system to test the next generations of structures and building materials - unique in Australia.


- Arts and Humanities

- Air

- Landscape and Architecture

- Business

- Design

- Education

- Skill

- Cinema and Television

- Designing Games and Animation

- Medical Science

- Information Technology

- The law

- The media

- Nurses

- Psychology

- Science

Online seminar with Swinburne University, Australia - 1

Swinburne University Australia is the destination for the winners of the Road to Mount Olympia.

Duc Anh Company supports international students

- Discount up to 20 million VND (quantity is limited and applies with conditions);

- Advice on school selection / industry selection;

- Check if you are eligible to study the subject you want or not;

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Apply for a student visa;

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