Opportunities to study in Canada for Vietnamese students

As the 5th largest international student community in Canada, Vietnamese students are attracted by quality training programs and many opportunities to work and settle here.

At the signing ceremony of cooperation between ISB Institute - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and Dalhousie University (Canada), Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Tu, Commercial attaché, in charge of educational development, Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City updated the latest information about the situation of studying abroad in the land of maple leaves.

Ms. Cam Tu said that in 2021, despite being significantly affected by Covid-19, Canada still welcomes over 620,000 international students to study. Particularly, the number of Vietnamese students coming to Canada is about 16,000. "Vietnamese student community is currently the 5th largest in Canada. In recent years, Canada has become a popular destination for many Vietnamese students," Ms. Cam Tu said.

Representatives from the Consulate General of Canada in Vietnam, Dalhousie University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics attended the signing ceremony of cooperation between the ISB Institute - Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Dalhousie University on May 12. Photo: Global Pathways

The attraction of Canadian education not only comes from the quality of training but also from flexible support policies for international students during and after the peak of Covid-19. During the stressful pandemic period, international students can choose to study online but still be fully charged towards their post-graduation work permit.

Currently, most schools are open to welcome international students to study directly. Many universities actively connect with schools in Vietnam, opening more affiliate programs to create opportunities for students to experience studying in Canada.

Typically, the cooperation between ISB Institute - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and Dalhousie University (Canada). Accordingly, Dalhousie University is the first prestigious school in Canada to participate in the Global Pathways education model of the ISB Institute. In the opposite direction, the ISB Institute is also the only current partner of Dalhousie University in Vietnam.

Dalhousie University owns a green campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Photo: Dalhousie University

Studying abroad Global Pathways is implemented by ISB Institute together with partners who are leading universities in the world. This study abroad model consists of 2 parts. In phase 1 in Vietnam, students study core subjects entirely in English, thereby, training their academic ability, familiarizing themselves with Western academic culture, and preparing the best luggage for studying abroad. , especially English.

In phase 2, Global Pathways allows students to transfer and receive degrees at partner universities. Students can choose majors that are leading recruitment trends around the world such as marketing, international business, entrepreneurship, human resource management, public relations... Partner universities in Global Pathways are in the top 1% of the world's best schools.

"I am very pleased to see the cooperation between ISB Institute and Dalhousie University implemented so quickly and effectively. It is certain that the Dalhousie Global Pathways program will open up many opportunities for Vietnamese students to study. in Canada, and at the same time promote more joint programs between Vietnam and Canada," said Ms. Cam Tu.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Tu - Commercial Attaché, in charge of educational development, Consulate General of Canada. Photo: Global Pathways

Located in Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University owns a variety of academic programs, attracting thousands of students, scholars, and leading researchers in North America. Dalhousie University's 13 academic faculties provide quality curricula, especially in business and economics.

The university is also a member of the "U15" group - the Association of Research Universities in Canada, receiving more than 190 million USD in research grants each year. As a result, international students have the opportunity to work on leading research projects, building a solid academic capacity.

Mr. Balakrishnan Prithiviraj, head of global relations at Dalhousie University, said that the school welcomes thousands of international students from about 100 countries to study and research, creating a multicultural environment. The diversity in the global student community makes it easy for you to learn and exchange cultures to develop your potential.

The connection between Dalhousie University and large businesses in Canada also contributes to opening the doors of internship and work for international students even before graduation. In addition, students can also take advantage of the 3-year period of being allowed to stay and work after graduation under Canada's visa policy to give themselves the opportunity to settle down long-term.

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