SACE - passport to many universities in the world

The SACE International Baccalaureate Certificate is now recognized by many of the world's top universities, opening up valuable opportunities for students to study in this program.

In the "Talk with Scotch AGS" webinar series organized by Scotch AGS Monolingual International School, education experts have clarified the value of the SACE degree in university admissions on a global scale. Participating in the program were Mr. Matt Clarke, Business Development Manager of SACE International and the University of Adelaide (Australia), which is ranked in the top 1% of the world.

According to Mr. Matt Clarke, SACE is the South Australian State Baccalaureate program, which usually lasts two years at the end of high school. Currently, this certificate is the pathway to university chosen by many students.

Mr. Matt Clarke, Head of International Cooperation Development at SACE International.

In Australia, this certificate is widely recognized by all universities in the country. While in the UK, USA and Canada and some other countries around the world, this certificate is also recognized by many prestigious universities.

“About 40% of SACE students choose to go to international universities,” said Matt Clarke. “We have a list of hundreds of universities around the world that SACE students are attending. This certificate is truly a passport to any university in the world."

Students who have completed the SACE Baccalaureate program are now pursuing diverse paths at the university level, from hot subjects such as administration and business, some difficult fields such as medicine and dentistry to energy-intensive fields. talents such as music and art.

Ms. Kathleen Tribe - senior partner, in charge of global business development at the University of Adelaide (Australia) said that students who score well in the SACE Baccalaureate program are often welcomed to study at the University of Adelaide. . Even, the school is ready to offer valuable scholarships to international students who study this program with high results.

Ms. Kathleen Tribe - Head of Department of International Cooperation, University of Adelaide.

Kathleen Tribe's long experience in admissions shows that SACE graduates are academically capable students. In addition, students are trained to be able to think independently and creatively in problem solving.

Why do many universities prefer SACE?

SACE is a prestigious academic program, designed according to the same quality assurance framework as other international baccalaureate degrees.

According to Kathleen Tribe, one of the reasons many universities prefer SACE is because SACE students clearly understand the career and major goals they need to achieve. Those who have spent the two years of 11th and 12th grade studying and experiencing the right career direction will accumulate much necessary knowledge to enter university successfully.

"I was also a former SACE student. With my experience working with friends from SACE who are studying at the University of Adelaide, I see that you are generally very good at subjects like math, science and English. " said Mrs. Kathleen Tribe.

Although ensuring complete academic knowledge, Mr. Matt Clarke said the program is not too heavy on exams. Designing training programs that are harmoniously combined based on practical desires from learners and universities.

The program focuses on equipping students with essential skills to be able to turn theoretical knowledge into applications, develop into practical working capacity, and be able to solve each arising problem.

"SACE well equips students with the knowledge, mindset and necessary skills that universities, and later employers, always want," said Matt Clarke.

Agreeing with this, Ms. Kathleen Tribe added, SACE graduates studying at the University of Adelaide have good critical thinking, passion for innovation and creativity.

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