Signs of an adult

Like to be alone, dare to admit mistakes, correct mistakes and learn from failure... are signs that you are a person of experience.

Experiencing a profound change in life

On the journey of life, almost everyone has to go through big changes, positive and negative. They are milestones. Positive things include the first things you buy like a car, a job, a degree, an apartment, etc.

These are the changes you have made based on your life goals. Other changes include getting married and having children.

On the other hand, you will also experience negative changes, loss and grief. If you learn to turn pain into a tool, you will learn, grow, and improve.

Want to be alone

Being alone doesn't mean you don't like people, it just means you need a space to recharge. An article in the journal The Theory of Social Behavior shows that isolation sometimes has many benefits.

Spending quality time on your own can boost creativity and self-awareness. Unlike loneliness, being alone is a positive experience.

Not materialistic

There's nothing wrong with wanting a nice house, a luxury car, and a high-paying job. But the more confident you are on the right path, the more you don't care about material things.

You discover real values, such as health, love and relationships with family and friends. You realize there is no money in the world that can buy these invisible precious things.



Take more risks

As you grow up, you learn to trust your intuition more and be more willing to take risks. There is an old saying that without taking risks, there will be no success.

It takes confidence to approach unfamiliar areas, for example you plan to change careers or get out of a toxic relationship. This could be the right first step on the path of fate.

Affirm yourself more often

There is a difference between being aggressive and assertive. While aggression threatens the rights of others, affirmation protects yours. You can establish yourself firmly and politely, without raising your voice.

Learn from failure

In an article on the US National Library of Medicine, Dr. Joseph Loscalzo has a unique perspective on failure. Instead of avoiding it at all costs, Loscalzo urges people to embrace defeat. According to the study authors, failure is a great teacher for self-improvement and self-esteem.

It's inevitable to stumble, even if you're on the right track. Instead of turning your head, you should dust off to move forward. As Dr. Loscalzo emphasizes, our only fundamental mistake is to make a mistake without learning from it.


Blame is a sign of immaturity and a toxic personality. Being a really mature person means knowing where you went wrong, admitting it, apologizing and making amends.

Closer relationship circle

Having many friends is good, but when you are really on the right path, the circle of relationships will be tighter. You value friendships, emphasizing quality over quantity, and learn to end relationships that have become overgrown or toxic.

Allow yourself to relax more

When you pack your essentials, your journey will be much smoother. You don't have to pay large sums for extra luggage, struggling to get to the airport.

Similarly, going the right way requires light luggage. After a few stages, you begin to release burdens like grudges and regrets. You trade them for essentials, like love, joy, forgiveness, and happiness.

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