Steps to applying for a UK student visa are successful

The UK has long been famous for its modern education and has brought remarkable achievements on the international stage. Therefore, studying in the UK is the dream of many young people today. However, the problem of applying for a UK student visa is not easy if there is no careful preparation from the first steps.

Understanding these difficulties of new international students, VALINK would like to share some valuable experiences gained from students who have passed the UK student visa application and are currently studying abroad in the UK. national.

First, you must know the UK student visa process. There are 2 major stages to note: Profile round and interview round.

Stage 1: Application for a UK student visa
There are 3 steps that need to be carefully prepared as follows:

Step 1: Make an appointment and apply for a UK student visa online. Then come to the British Embassy directly if you are in the North and to the British Consulate General if you are in the South.

Step 2: Prepare necessary documents and papers. Please note that all documents must be notarized with the originals and must not exceed 6 months.

Step 3: Interview with your UK student visa representative

With the declaration of the UK student visa application, you need to be honest and honest while providing the necessary information to the assessment department. If the information you provide is incorrect and untrue, you will likely be denied a UK student visa this time and the next time.

The best time to prepare your UK student visa application is about 90 days before you travel to the UK. This period of time is sufficient for you to correct, correct and supplement the necessary documents if any errors occur before you officially submit your application. If subjective, the records are wrong and you do not make corrections, there is a risk that it will affect your entire learning process.

Studying abroad in the UK is the dream of many young people today

Personally, to facilitate the process of applying for a UK student visa, you need to practice and improve your foreign language skills very well because at present, the requirements and test steps of English proficiency with international students in the UK is very tightly controlled. The UK has applied for a visa with the Point Based System. With the purpose and motivation of studying abroad seriously, you apply for an English student visa under Adult Student - Tier 4 (General) with a score of 40 points.

In particular, the visa support letter of the school you will study in the UK gives you 30 points, the remaining 10 points belong to you with clear evidence that your financial resources will be enough to cover Whether or not you are taught under the UK Border Agency (UKBA). This economic issue, you need to note: the savings book you open at the bank must be at least 28 days from the date of submission. In addition, you provide additional evidence such as: payroll of parents' monthly income, red book, other assets stating the source.

Phase 2: Interview for UK student visa
The goal of the UK student visa interview is to once again check the integrity of the documents and procedures that you have previously provided them. In addition, the essentiality of this interview is that you are not allowed to cheat any information to the interviewer and especially to the test of the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

Almost all students learn the skills of presentation and speaking skills in public. However, with the important nature of applying for a UK student visa of this nature, you will surely be under great pressure. Therefore, taking time to practice regularly and practice conversational fluency, clarity, coherence is the key to help you get through this tough interview in the most convincing way.

If the application stage is considered the first laying of bricks for the process of applying for a UK student visa, the final interview stage is the key tile for the entire home of your dream knowledge in the UK. . Anyone who wants to prepare the best baggage before setting out to fulfill their dreams, VALINK is willing to share any concerns if any to help your desire to reach out to the world.

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