The difference between Australian education and new zealand

As neighbors on the same continent, Australia and New Zealand are all well-known education in the world. Let's see if you can study abroad in these two countries.

Both New Zealand and Australia are popular study destinations, so choosing to study in a country can sometimes make it difficult for international students. Here are a few small comparisons in the education of these two countries, giving you an overview to make the most reasonable choice for you.

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Popular courses

According to statistics, there are differences in the choice of courses for international students coming to Australia and New Zealand.
Australian students mostly choose majors such as Accounting, Health Care, Business Administration, Information Technology, Education and Hotel Management.
The following subjects are again popular choices for New Zealand students: Engineering, Business Studies, IT / Computer, Restaurant, Hotel Management and Visual Communication.

Conditions of entry

In New Zealand, it is easier to enroll in certificate courses than diplomas because the level of competition of these two levels is completely different. New Zealand's post-secondary education is divided into 10 levels, level 1 is equivalent to a Certificate and level 10 is counted as a Doctorate (PhD).

The Foundation and Certificate Program (Diploma) is usually for students who score below 60% in High School.

In Australia, all universities require students to complete 12 years of high school. If you want to study postgraduate program, you need to have a Bachelor's degree after 3 years of University (with Engineering is 4 years). To be admitted to the management program, you need to have a GMAT certificate, while GRE is a compulsory condition for applicants to study Science.

Tuition fees

Below is a table comparing the cost of studying between Australia and New Zealand:

Postgraduate opportunities

New Zealand students with jobs related to the field of study will be granted a long-term working visa for up to 2 years. To obtain a visa, you must provide evidence that current employment is related to the field of study.

In contrast, in Australia, undergraduate and postgraduate students will be granted a two-year work visa. If you study other programs, you need to apply for a subclass 485 visa (graduate work stream), valid for 18 months.

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