The five best Asian cities to study abroad

Of the 120 cities ranked by QS last July, 28 destinations in Asia, Tokyo (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea) took the lead.

QS scores for students based on the following criteria: student assessment, university rankings, student diversity, living and studying costs, desirable experiences or job prospects (rated). price from employer). The condition for ranking is that the city must have more than 250,000 people and have at least two universities in the world rankings (QS World University Rankings).

Here are five Asian cities rated as the best for studying abroad:

1. Tokyo (Japan)

Review score: 480/600.

If students want to find a busy and busy city, Tokyo is the right choice. QS considers it the most ideal destination in Asia and the second in the world for international students.

Tokyo has 12 world-ranked universities, such as the University of Tokyo (22nd in the world), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University or Keio. The city also receives high marks from employers, offering many internships and employment opportunities for graduate students by being one of the top three financial centers in the world, besides New York and London.

In addition, Tokyo is suitable for students who like to experience and fully integrate into the local culture, while also feeling the diversity and internationality in their living and studying environment.

2. Seoul (South Korea)

Review score: 454.

Like Tokyo, Seoul has also received high praise from employers. The city has 18 schools on the QS world rankings.

Seoul is considered a "24/7 city" because of the "never dull" life with many cultural activities mixed with creativity everywhere. If you need some time to relax after stressful classes, you can spend a day at Buddhist temples, explore historic villages or simply go to a traditional sauna.

International students are interested and give very high marks for their experiences in the city.

3. Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Review score: 432.

Hong Kong has long been considered a meeting point between cultures, bringing a truly international space. The city has three of the top 50 in the world, the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), and the Port of China. In addition, Hong Kong has four other schools ranked by QS.

Given the high scores of employers, middle-class tuition, and the cost of living are relatively good, but the high cost of renting accommodation and the busy urban life can make it difficult for many international students.

4. Taipei (Taiwan)

Review score: 424.

There are seven universities in QS World, the schools constantly improving the rankings in recent years, which partly helps Taipei to rise three places on the best city rankings for studying abroad.

Taipei is also considered a reasonable study abroad destination with relatively low tuition and living expenses. Many students who answered QS's survey expressed their desire to stay in this city after graduating thanks to the diversity and friendliness.

5. Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe (Japan)

Review score: 420.

The metropolitan area of ​​the three cities of Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe (also known as Keihanshin), is home to 19 million people with seven universities ranked in QS World 2020, of which Kyoto University stands 33rd in the world.

Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto today is one of the top destinations for both tourists and international students, second only to Tokyo. Those who want to study in Japan but are overwhelmed by the size and speed of Tokyo can go to Kyoto - a smaller city but still has plenty of opportunities to explore both traditional and modern culture. of Japan.

About 40 km from Kyoto, Osaka has a long history as an international gateway for commerce, politics and knowledge. Universities in Osaka are also highly appreciated, with Osaka University ranked 71st in the world.

The sixth largest city in Japan - Kobe is the home of Kobe University - ranked 395 th in the world. This is a vibrant international city and a major economic center with many famous companies based.

Ranked after these five cities are Singapore (Singapore) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Southeast Asia has three other representatives ranked as Bangkok of Thailand (ranked 10), Manila of the Philippines (15) and Jakarta of Indonesia (23).

Among Asian countries and territories, China has four cities ranked including Beijing (8th), Shanghai (9), Nanjing (21) and Wuhan (22). India has up to four representatives, including: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Bangalore has the highest rank - 14.

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