The reason why the health sciences group attracts students in New Zealand

Experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, the health system and medical training in other countries have been given more attention, opening up many opportunities for human resources in the health sciences.

In New Zealand's Skills Shortages list, more than 20 health sciences jobs are in the top. Not only have open job opportunities, this is a group of industries that focuses on training in the country of kiwi.

New Zealand's Health Sciences Training Platform

Health sciences is one of the spearhead and important industries in New Zealand. In particular, the University of Otago and the University of Auckland are famous schools for training global health sciences.

Prominent is the University of Otago - a 150-year-old school - with the strength of specialized medical training. The School of Dentistry holds the 33rd position in the QS Rankings , while the Anatomy and Physiotherapy major is at 49th. Other majors such as Nursing and Psychology also make the top 100 list in the world. all over the world.

New Zealand is a destination for international students looking to develop a career in the medical field.
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New Zealand is a destination for international students looking to develop a career in the medical field.

Over the years, New Zealand has gradually implemented learning models that catch up with future trends, responding to the wave of digital transformation, including the medical field. The University of Auckland, the University of Otago... have put the telehealth model into treatment and teaching, while the University of Canterbury embarked on a project to build an online platform for remote diagnosis.

Many innovations in the medical field by New Zealand students and experts have been widely applied globally such as a respiratory humidifier, 3D color X-ray, resuscitation robot…

The successful implementation of electronic health records (HER) has placed New Zealand among the world's leading countries in medicine, creating a teaching foundation in the health sciences group.

Diverse health science group training programs

Health sciences are a group of disciplines that specialize in the treatment and care of health, including physical and mental health. When considering this group of industries, many people often associate the specialties of the medical frontline, with high entry requirements (such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists).

However, careers in the health sciences field are diverse. Learners can choose a career in logistics (medical research, clinical trials, public health, sports or nutrition ...), indirect industry (support for the treatment route), consumer such as Community Health, Testing, Pharmacy... with easier entry standards.

In New Zealand, the education system shows its sensitivity to the future job market when it launches many new disciplines that match trends and meet the needs of human resources. In which, 3 prominent new interdisciplinary fields are Sport science, Community health and Health and welfare policy.

Sports science is an interdisciplinary practice common in many advanced countries. With this interdisciplinary option of the Auckland University of Technology, students can specialize in sports, physical therapy, nutrition… In the first two years, students learn foundational subjects such as anatomy, Law and ethics in sports… In the final semester, students will study specialized subjects such as applying knowledge to measure - assess the physical condition of athletes, practice physiotherapy - in the clinic .

If learners are oriented to participate in improving the health system through policies, laws, health practices in the community, distribution of health funds, bachelor's program Population health. welfare) of the University of Waikato is an option worth considering.

During 3 years of training, students are exposed to subjects on policy, data, systems and finance in health, fully equipped with knowledge and skills to work in the field of strategic planning. .

With a bachelor's degree in Community health at the University of Otago or the University of Waikato, students can become health consultants, health and fitness teachers, health event coordinators - sport…

In addition, many universities and technical institutes in New Zealand offer a variety of training programs related to the health sciences. For example, Biomedical science from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) or Human nutrition at Massey University.

Students have many hands-on opportunities to apply what they have learned in practice.
Students have many hands-on opportunities to apply what they have learned in practice.

The common point of the New Zealand education program is the emphasis on practical skills. The University of Otago and the University of Auckland have service clinics for the general public, run by faculty and students.

Specifically, University of Otago students can join a physical therapy clinic to practice patient care. Students at the University of Auckland have a wide range of medical practice options in the areas of rehabilitation (rehab), nutrition (nutriotion and dietetic), ophthalmology, hearing, psychology, pathological treatment of speech disorders...

In addition to specialist knowledge, the kiwi education program encourages students to develop specialized communication skills. The "Population health intensive week" event of the University of Auckland opens up opportunities for students studying health sciences, pharmacy, etc. to practice real-life situations and exchange groups.

In addition to factors of industry diversity and quality study environment, the New Zealand Government always creates favorable conditions for students to find jobs after graduation. If you do not want to develop a career in the country of kiwi, young people can take advantage of an international degree in the health industry to find work in developed countries.

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