Top 10 universities with the highest SAT scores in the United States

While the average SAT score of students admitted to American universities in 2020 is 1051/1600, the University of Chicago and 6 other schools are 1500 or above.

For American universities, the SAT score is one of the important, even decisive, factors of the application. In 2020, the average SAT score for American universities is 1051/1600.

To help students consider and choose the right school for their SAT scores, US News and World report announced the average SAT scores of students entering the fall semester of 10 US universities.

No School Average SAT score National rating
first University of Chicago 1535 6, National University
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1532 4, National University
3 Harvey Mudd University 1520 25, University liberalization
4 Harvard University 1510 2, National University
5 Washington University at St Louis 1509 16, National University
6 Yale University 1502 4, National University
7 Princeton University 1501 1, National University
8 University of Pennsylvania 1494 8, National University
9 Carnegie Mellon University 1491 26, National University
ten Stanford University 1488 6, National University

The University of Chicago, top 6, has the highest SAT score in the US - 1535/1600, nearly 500 points higher than the national average. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is second with 1532 points, only 3 points behind the University of Chicago.

University of Chicago, which has the highest average SAT score for students in America.  Photo: Shutterstock

University of Chicago, which has the highest average SAT score for students in America. Photo: Shutterstock

Harvey Mudd University is the only representative of the liberal university group to participate in the rankings with third place - 1520.

The rankings with the participation of 4/8 Ivy League universities including Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Pennsylvania, ranked 4th, 6-8 in the top schools with the highest SAT scores.

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