What are the requirements for an Australian student visa to 2020?

International Education is the fourth largest foreign exchange earner in Australia. Therefore, the Australian government is taking strong measures to maintain prestige and quality. One of the most noteworthy changes is that in early June 2017, the Australian Government adopted the new SSVF Australian student visa system to replace the old SVP visa processing structure. With the purpose of creating favorable conditions for students to have access to a simpler, faster, more convenient and easier visa approval process from 2020. Let's learn with AMEC for your visa application. fastest accepted.

Some changes to the new Australian student visa policy should be made clear if you intend to study in Australia as follows

Apply a new risk assessment framework from 2020
The new SSVF visa system is streamlined in a way that benefits students, eases some of the conditions for studying abroad in Australia which are considered quite strict, and helps maintain the overall level of honesty of the program. Australian student visa. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection decided to simplify the previous eight different types of international student visas, with two new types of student visas, Subclass 500 for international students, and Subclass 590 for parents or guardians (Subclass 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576 for former international students are no longer available).

SSVF also provides a common immigration risk assessment framework to save costs as well as manage international students more effectively, promoting the development of international education in Australia. The requirements for a visa application will depend on the student's level of immigration risk, as well as the reputation of the school in Australia. Level 1 represents the low risk of immigration and level 3 represents the highest risk of immigration. The higher the rating level, the more applicants must submit proof that the visa application is for academic purposes.

Since June 2017, the risk assessment model has been combined between two factors - nationality and educational institution. Based on this review framework, there will be 2 levels of review: Streamline (S) - simple and Regular (R) - regular review:

- Request evidence at the normal level: Applicants are usually required to submit proof of English proficiency and financial ability.
- Request evidence at priority level: Applicants usually do not have to submit evidence of English proficiency and financial ability.

Risk assessment framework:

Students can check the documents they need to apply for a visa through the Risk Assessment Tool, which includes important requirements related to English proficiency and evidence. Financial income, to make sure that you have met the conditions for studying in Australia.

Specific conditions for financial proof 2020
For self-sufficient international students in Australia, the proof of financial need to be quite focused, because this is an important factor determining whether or not your application is eligible to study in Australia. is not.

- Proof of financial capacity and income must be submitted at the same time as the visa application. The Australian Consulate has the right to refuse a visa application immediately if the student does not submit sufficient evidence to prove the financial capacity of the family.
- This financial source must be really ready for students to study abroad
- There are 3 ways to prove income. Note: Income must come from clear sources as prescribed (salary statement via bank account, tax documents, notarized housing sale / lease contract, credit contract, etc.). )

Method 1: Proof of financial ability for tuition, living expenses, travel and study during the study period for international students who are self-sufficient in Australia and their dependents (if any).

Method 2: Proof of average annual income

- 60,000 AUD for international students
- AUD 70,000 if additional dependents are included.

Option 3: AASES form - for student exchange.

Conditions for living expenses for 12 months:

- Student / Guardian: 19,830 AUD
- Dependent dependents: 6,940AUD
- Baby: 2,970AUD.

In addition, you need to meet the conditions to study in Australia, specifically as follows:

Conditions for studying in Australia 2020
Studying to study in Australia needs to meet the conditions when making an application for studying in Australia is extremely necessary. An Australian student visa will be the key to unlocking your dream. To apply for an Australian student visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

Accepted admission to an Australian school

Make sure you are guaranteed a place at an Australian University, College or Academy by submitting an application for admission to prestigious Australian schools. University, College or Academy in the priority list of Australian student visas to choose the career that you really like and that school is suitable for you to gain useful knowledge.

Plan to study in Australia and return to your home country after your studies

You need to clearly show your purpose of studying in Australia and the plan to return to Vietnam after finishing the courses. Knowing and having a specific plan for studying in Australia will increase the persuasion of the purpose of your study abroad, and prove to them that you love Vietnam and will return to serve the land. his country.

Meet the English language requirements for studying in Australia

Depending on the requirements of each school as well as at different levels of education, you will find that there are different levels of English. But in general, the conditions of English proficiency when studying in Australia are usually:

IELTS 5.0 with you enrolled in college.
IELTS 6.0 with you enrolled in university.
IELTS 6.5 with graduate students.

It is very important to prepare English proficiency before going to Australia to study because it is the main language used in both study and research as well as in daily life. Note, IELTS is not the only English language standard accepted in Australia. A new English language certificate called PTE is now accepted at all Australian universities, colleges and immigration centers. Compared to IELTS, PTE has the advantage of taking a computer test and is often "easier" than IELTS. The continuous number of PTE exams with cheaper fees is also an advantage for you to have an option through the English door.

However, for those of you who do not have enough foreign language skills to meet the requirements of the Australian student visa application, you can still fulfill your dream of studying in Australia. You can enroll in English courses at universities to meet the requirements before starting the main course. This is really a very convenient thing when you apply for an Australian student visa. Your level of English is no longer an obstacle for you to fulfill your dream of studying abroad in Australia. However, the current number of English language learning weeks is limited to no more than 40 English weeks, so you still need to show your English proficiency at a certain level.

Study conditions when applying to study in Australia

Australian study conditions based on academic performance will vary from school to school and course. However, there is a middle level for international students who register to study here.

Apply for an Australian university course:

Completion of grade 11 curriculum in Vietnam
Have a GPA greater than 7.0

Apply for a degree in Australia:

Graduated from high school in Australia or has a foreign certificate equivalent to G Level A certificate provided that students must pass 3 appropriate subjects. For those who are studying in Vietnam, you need to finish the first year.
Have GPA greater than 7.0 (however some schools only require GPA of 6.5 or above)
After checking and finding that you have met the requirements for studying in Australia and apply for a visa, start preparing the necessary documents to apply for a student visa and apply for an Australian Visa.

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