What do parents need to prepare when sending their children to study in the US?

Language barriers, living and learning environment, geographical distance are many concerns of parents when their children study abroad.

Having a child in the US to study at Villanova University, Ms. Thu Ha shared that geographical distance is her biggest concern. "I'm still young, can I solve problems on my own? How can I closely monitor and advise me in time? In addition, after returning from the US, do I quickly integrate Will I be able to live and work in Vietnam again?", wondered Ha.

Not only Ms. Thu Ha, Ms. Nguyen Phuong, who has a child studying at Vanderbilt University, also faces hundreds of questions, especially deciding to choose a school when researching and researching in advance a list of hundreds of options. "If I want to get into the top schools, the competition rate is quite high. Which school is both suitable for my family's conditions and my aspirations?", Ms. Phuong shared.

In addition to the concern for studying, the worry about how to quickly adapt to the new life for her children makes Minh Tam, whose children are studying at Dunn School boarding high school, face many concerns. She shared: "I myself have never set foot in the US, so when I sent my children to study abroad, I was extremely worried. The curriculum of my child has many new subjects. In addition, when he first arrived, he had not yet studied abroad. Time to get used to the school hours and learning environment in the US. When I first sent my son over, it was difficult for me to grasp his learning situation as well as his problems."

The number of American international students increased again after the pandemic. According to the Open Doors report of the Institute of International Education (IIE) Photo: Shutterstock

After the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the wave of American students increased again. According to data from the Institute of International Education's (IIE) annual report Open Doors, Vietnam continues to rank sixth in the list of leading countries in the number of international students studying in the US with 21,631 students in the year. academic year 2020-2021.

The US is one of the top educational environments that many parents trust and choose. However, sending your child to study abroad is not an easy decision. Parents want to send their children to study in the US but still have concerns when choosing a school that is suitable for their child's ability and desired major. "What do I need to do to apply for scholarships/apply to top high schools/universities. How can I easily adapt to a new life when I'm away from my parents' arms?...", are the sentences. A common question asked by many parents.

In addition, the mentality of parents is to always want to cover whenever possible. Along with that, the chaos of life sometimes makes it impossible for parents to follow closely with their children on the journey to realize the dream of studying in the US.

Parents need advice and information to prepare for their child's study abroad journey. Photo: Shutterstock

Understanding this, AMVNX organized an online talk show "Conquer the American dream with your children", taking place at 20:30, Sunday, June 5.

At the panel discussion, parents will hear stories from mothers who have had successful children on their journey to study in the US. This is also an opportunity for parents to express their concerns and get answers to questions about their plans to send their children to study abroad. In particular, guests attending the seminar will receive the handbook "Conquering the American dream with your children", compiled exclusively by AMVNX experts.

Interested parents, register to attend the free seminar here .

AMVNX is an American educational organization with more than 13 years of experience operating in the field of education, headquartered in Lincoln city, Nebraska state, USA and two representative offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. AMVNX has supported thousands of Vietnamese students to successfully conquer boarding high schools and universities in the US, as well as obtain financial support and great scholarships.

Besides, with the desire to accompany parents and students on the journey to conquer the dream of studying in the US, AMVNX offers Mentorship program. The orientation program is designed to equip students with a solid academic foundation, discover and develop their personal passions, and help parents solve some of their children's difficulties in the learning environment. new.

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