What does a Canadian student visa application need?

Preparing a Canadian student visa application requires a lot of steps and experience of the person who processes the application. Here we present to you the required documents for a basic Canadian student visa application.

What does a Canadian student visa application need?

Step 1: Choose a school and apply for admission in Canada

The first step in the process of preparing a Canadian student visa application is "Choose a school". Students can find out by themselves or ask Tin An Overseas Study Consulting Company to find a school to help students with the needs and aspirations of their students studying in Canada. Please note that only schools with DLI (Designated learning institutions) codes will accept international students. In addition, you can also refer to the Website of the Canadian Embassy.

You can download the application form from the official website of the school. Students complete the application and submit required documents (TOEFL certificate, diploma, transcript, application fee ...). After 1 to 3 months, if approved, the school will send an invitation to enroll you, otherwise the school will also notify you to apply to another school. Often this process will take place over the Internet to save time. At this stage, filling out the application form is very important because it may cause your field to be ripped off. It is important to complete the application form completely!

Step 2: Apply for a Canadian student visa

You can go to the website of the Vietnam International Organization for Migration or visit the advisory center to get an application for an entry visa. The preparation of the documents needed to apply for a Canadian student visa depends on the curriculum and the financial circumstances of the family, below lists the most basic procedures:

- Application for a visa for entry: The request must be completed completely and accurately, including the application for entry visa, information about the applicant, the family history.

- Passport: Must be valid for the period of time intended to stay in Canada, need to submit 1 original and retain 1 copy.

- Photos: Student will be digital photographed at the place of submission.

- Letter of admission: The original or a copy of the official letter of approval of the school in Canada, the letter of admission should contain the following information: Name and address of the student, Date of birth, course and submission Course level, start and end dates. Note that the letter of approval must have an international student address in Vietnam (Because many cases of relatives in Canada ask for a letter of residence should fill in the Canadian address).

- Transcript: The most recent report card (transcript) issued by high school, university or college and all other qualifications (if any).

- Financial proof of sponsor:

  • Certificate of bank deposit / Savings book;
  • Proof of employment, clearly stating the salary or if the sponsor is the business owner, must have a business license and corporate income tax receipt for the last 2 years. If the student has a scholarship, indicate the type of scholarship, the amount of funding, and the scholarship eligibility criteria.
  • Assets: Certificate of property, photos of business premises, houses for rent, garden land ...
  • If the sponsor is from Canada, the following documents are required: Letter of guarantee stating financial responsibility, bank deposit, copy of income tax return, letter of employment confirmation, certificate of assets.
  • If you have time, you should prepare a criminal record, which may be needed later, such as in the application process.) Judicial records issued by the Department of Justice of residence for persons over 18 years old. To make a criminal record, students need to bring ID and household registration.
  • Guardianship: For students under 18 or 19 years of age, depending on the province, guardianship is required. This is a notarized declaration or certification of the signature of a local government signed by a parent or legal guardian who grants guardianship to a guarantor in Canada. The declaration must state the full name of the guardian in Canada, and this person is responsible for replacing the student's parents in emergencies such as emergencies or in need of unexpected intervention. This form can be obtained from the website of Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC).
  • After preparing all necessary documents, you will apply to the Canadian Immigration and Visa Application Office at IOM from Monday to Friday. The fee for applying for a student visa is currently around USD 193 (including biometrics & photography fees).

The interview will not be completely applicable to all Canadian student records, in recent years, most students are not required to interview. If the Consulate requests an interview, they will send an appointment to interview to verify information faster.

Step 3: Physical examination

Students who have a study abroad period in Canada for more than 6 months are required to undergo a medical examination. Your health check package will be sent to you when your visa application is temporarily approved. Usually the consulate will notify you via email so please check your email regularly. The health examination will be designated by the Canadian Consulate and you must go to the designated health facility.

Step 4: Wait for results, get a visa and prepare to go to study abroad

After the results of the medical examination are obtained, you will be issued a visa to the Consulate General of Canada and return to the address listed on the visa application with your student passport. After obtaining a student visa to Canada, you can prepare your luggage to the country of maple leaves including essentials and knowledge of studying abroad, as well as flight tickets and departure to study abroad.

With the above steps, you can make your own Canadian Student Profile. However, please be careful about the details of your application as well as your visa. Because all the errors can make you fail, do not get the school's admission invitation as well as a visa. The process of choosing a school or curriculum should also be carefully considered in many aspects as it affects the long journey away.

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