What is a student visa? Conditions to know when applying for a student visa

Many students who decide to study abroad or travel abroad are still confused about the visa issue, and have not got specific information about each type of visa and the use of this document. To answer the visa question, what is it? Today will answer for you the definition of visa, student visa and what you need to know when applying for a visa.

1. What is Visa? And what is a student visa?
According to the basic definition, a visa, also known as an immigrant visa or a visa (old name) is a type of certification issued by the government of a country, providing for foreigners who want to enter their country. The normal tourist visa, will be stamped into a small book called a passport (Passport) when successful, helping individuals of other countries can go through customs.

For Vietnamese citizens, depending on the country you need to apply for a visa or not to enter their country. Southeast Asian countries do not usually require you to apply for a visa, except for Singapore. However, this is only a condition when you travel, or enter your country for a short time.

For long-term stay and the purpose of your stay in your country of study, the type of visa you need to apply is called a student visa. This is a visa to help you enter the country, as well as a condition for the school to recognize you as an official student.

The student visa allows you to stay in your country long enough, corresponding to the time you study. For example, if you study abroad under the University system, the minimum duration of the visa will be about 3-4 years. After the visa expires, you are required to return to Vietnam, and when you want to return to study, you need to prepare from the beginning the necessary documents to apply for a student visa.

Depending on the country, the requirements for a student visa and how to apply for a student visa will also vary. And depending on the type of student visa to each country, there will also be different names. For example, the US student visa will be called the F1 visa, the student visa in Schengen countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania ...) will be called a visa. Schengen.

2. Conditions for obtaining a student visa
As mentioned, depending on the regulations of each country, the requirements for procedures for applying for a student visa will also change. For example, the United States often requires an I-20 form for school enrollment, or France needs an OFII declaration ...

In general, the following documents are considered to be included in any student visa application package:

Passport (valid for at least 3 months). Make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your study, to avoid problems.
1 portrait photo, passport size is 4x6cm.
Household registration, birth certificate, resume with translation into English (some countries require translation into their own country like Korea, Japan ...).
Invitation letter to enroll at Colleges, Universities in your country.
Documents proving financial capacity, including documents of monthly income of individual, parent or financial sponsor, authentication of existing assets and savings deposit account ...
Academic records, transcripts in the nearest time.
Academic certificates, high school diploma, University (if any), IELTS or TOEFL with scores eligible to study abroad.
Application for a student visa.

3. The note when applying for a student visa
The length of time to apply for a student visa is usually quite long, and requires a lot of related procedures. You need to have certain preparation to be able to apply for a student visa successfully, in time for the upcoming start of the course.

- Prepare documents required by the Mechanics to obtain the student visa, ensuring that the administrative documents have been notarized and translated if necessary.
- Waiting for appointments from the Embassy, ​​Consulate to not miss the requirements, appointments from the visa issuing party.
- If asked for an interview, prepare your interview skills well, practice listening and speaking foreign languages ​​to make an impression on the interviewer. Knowing how to use at least 1 foreign language, usually English, will help you to apply for a successful student visa.
- Dress neatly, politely, mannerly, friendly and in moderation to receive appreciation from the interviewer.

Through this article, perhaps you have answered the question wearing "What is a student visa?" for yourself. For more information on the form of a student visa for each country, you can also refer to the following articles.

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