What is Body Shaming? How to Overcome Fear of Body Shaming

Body shaming is a phrase that is often encountered in everyday life, but not everyone understands its meaning. So what is Body Shaming? How to overcome the fear of being Body Shaming? To answer these questions, let's find out more with Ben in the article below! Hope to bring you interesting things. 


I. What is Body Shaming? 
Body shaming means disparaging or disparaging the appearance of others or oneself. Better understood is that there are words, language and thoughts that ridicule and ridicule about appearance. 

There are many of you who think that Body Shaming is just a thing to prank your friends. However, when the limit is exceeded, it will certainly cause discomfort and hurt to the listener. 

We can see that, there is no standard for physical beauty. But only because of some points that differ in appearance from everyone else. Then they were suddenly scorned, disparaged in front of the crowd, and caused very serious consequences. Because the line between teasing and Body Shaming is very close. So we should limit this, to avoid bad consequences. 

What is Body Shaming? How does it affect the psychology of the victims?
II. Common forms of Body Shaming
Body shaming has two common forms: disparaging others and disparaging yourself. 

1. Disparaging, disparaging others
In this form, we can easily meet anywhere, whether on social networks or in real life. Disparaging sayings such as: Fat like a pig, skinny like a smoker, why don't you roll away quickly, eat papaya without a spoon, etc. And there are many more scary sayings, it doesn't only deal damage. It also affects the dignity and honor of others.

Today, as social networks develop, this is more and more popular. 

2. Criticize yourself
For this form we can see in people with low self-esteem. They feel guilty and are not satisfied with their appearance. They always rate themselves very low, or always compare themselves to others. And since then, whenever they appear in front of people and crowds, they are always shy and hide their appearance. 

Body shaming has a negative effect on the victim's psyche
III. Effects of Body Shaming on Victims
Jokes about physical appearance even though they are just for fun. However, the person being teased will feel very hurt and sad. And worse will seriously affect mental and health. Let's see how it affects the victim's psyche: 

1. Make yourself become self-deprecating, depressed 
There are many people when they hear self-deprecating words from others. They will become self-deprecating, shy and gradually avoid people around them. 

Especially for girls who are going through puberty, Body Shaming is very sensitive. Many children have impulsive thoughts when they can't stand the pressure of their appearance. 

2. Using unscientific beauty methods
When they are criticized for their appearance too much, they will find unscientific beauty methods on their own. Especially for fat people, they want to be beautiful as quickly as possible. That leads to the use of harmful rapid weight loss methods. 

3. Mental breakdown, health affects 
When they first receive the words of Body Shaming, the victims will only feel a little sad. However, in the long run, the more these words become, the more they will be haunted. Even causing severe mental breakdown, depression, health from here will go down a lot.

Victims of Body Shaming often feel inferior and weaker than others
IV. How to Overcome Fear of Body Shaming
1. Learn to accept and be satisfied with yourself
According to a study, it has been shown that on average, 1 in 2 people will have low self-esteem about their appearance. Although we understand that, we ourselves are not perfect. But being Body Shaming will make us very self-deprecating. Especially there are people who will take advantage of this to raise themselves up.

So we should not focus much on Body Shaming words from others. Instead we learn to accept satisfaction with ourselves. Then gradually practice, take better care of yourself to get a desired appearance.  

2. Learn to love yourself
Let's learn to love ourselves before thinking about doing other things. When we love ourselves, care for and invest in ourselves more, we will feel happier and more confident. Because appearances can always change, what matters is our own inner thoughts. 

3. Exercise and take care of yourself
To have a more beautiful appearance, the practice of sports and yoga is a must. Because these exercises not only help us to be beautiful but also improve our health. In addition, do regular skincare to have a beautiful skin, a more confident face. 

If you do not know where to refer to exercises and skincare products? Then you can search on Google, Youth to find the right solution! 

4. Tell me how you feel
Body Shaming words are always equated as funny jokes. However, what if we ourselves feel hurt and unhappy. Then talk about how uncomfortable you are feeling. And of course for those who love us they won't do it again.

Living with confidence is the best way to overcome your inferiority complex
And for those who don't like us, even though we're beautiful, they still hate us. So there's no need to worry. Ignore those words, be confident, don't let yourself get hurt because of Body Shaming! 

Above are Ben's shares about What is Body Shaming? Hopefully, through this, you can also understand the terrible harms that Body Shaming brings. Also, if you are suffering from this, then don't be sad, be confident and love yourself more. Because when we were born into the world, we were already an angel!

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